10 reasons why your startup should attend Pioneers Festival 2015

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1. Your ultimate chance to meet investors & accelerators


More than 400 investors & accelerators from all around the world are expected at Pioneers Festival 2015.

This is your chance to meet them face to face at the bar, the party or during the session breaks. Too shy to just start talking to one of them? Don’t worry, sign up for the speed-networking session (think of it as speeddating for startups and accelerators/corporates) or just use the app to ask for 1-on-1 appointments. Ever heard of Gil Penchina? THE world’s leading Business Angel, largest syndicate investor on AngelList and part of the Pioneers Festival.

2. Learn how to get the most out of meeting an investor

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The guys from Techstars, one of the global leading accelerators that (among other things) provide intensive mentorship for startups will prepare a session dedicated to exactly this topic. They will also be available afterwards for your questions.

Nicole Glaros, Techstars
Jon Bradford, Techstars
Thursday, 12:10, Academy Stage

Looking for a plan B? Join our Masterclass on “GO FUND YOURSELF – INVESTMENT WORKSHOP FOR TECH STARTUPS”

3. Learn how to build your company

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Several sessions will help you build your company from the ground up. For example Ethan Imboden from frog design will talk about "VENTURE DESIGN FOR STARTUPS“.
Thursday, 11:35, Academy Stage

4. Marketing – not everyone is a natural


Having a great idea for a startup is only the beginning. But now you have to get the word out! We will help you reach your audience, Neil Capel from Sailthru will teach you how to do "MARKETING AT ITS BEST!“.
Thursday, 14:00, Academy Stage


Attract your audience – a video says more than a thousand words. Having said that (oh, the irony!), we also have a workshop on how to create the perfect pitch video in our Masterclass.

5. Learn how to sell


Hardcore sales session with the living legend Steli Efti from who will woosh you with his talk and make a sales god out of you – "SELL IT, BABY!“.
Thursday, 16:30, Academy Stage

6. How about your first Business2Business taste?


Not only investors & accelerators are interested in your ideas, also corporates are looking for new cooperations and partners. Grab a beer with them, "speed-date" with them in our speed-networking session or arrange meetings in the app. Easy as that.

Just look at some of the fancy companies that have already joined us over the last years:


7. In need of some (hardware & software) product development knowhow? We’ve got what you need!


Hardware? Software? Not sure?

Benjamin Joffe, HAX
Thursday, 11:00, Academy Stage

Dávid Lakatos, Formlabs
Friday, 12:25, Academy Stage

And don’t forget to join the hardware masterclass with (no, we didn’t forget the "m")

8. Do you need some media exposure for your already cool product?


We also got you covered there with the who-is-who from the international future tech press, thursting for the next yet undiscovered sensation which might be you. Who, you ask? Well, The Verge, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Wired, VentureBeat, Forbes, CNBC, The Washington Post, TC, the Kronen Zeitung and many more. Things they said:


9. Fun fun fun


Have we mentioned the party yet? Or the Roasted Session? We probably don’t have to explain to you why the party is fun, but if you are unfamiliar with Roasts, here is a link to a roast of Charlie Sheen.

Oh, i meant the last startup roast we had.

10. Last but not least:


Lots and lots of inspiring keynotes, the newest technology to experience and touch, talks, people to meet and things to try. Europe’s innovation wonderland and an adventure you won’t forget.

Do we have a nice video of what our Festival looked like last year, you ask? Do birds fly?

What are you waiting for? Last time we checked, the festival tickets didn’t get any cheaper and the previous Pioneers Festival was sold out way in advance.

Post something funny (hint: a gif) to our Facebook event page and if it makes us laugh, you’ll probably get a 10% discount!