Client Voices

Harald Asböck

Manager ANDRITZ Ventures

" It was a pleasure to work with the Pioneers team on the ANDRITZ Ventures Startup Contest. They collaborated effectively with our intrapreneurs and provided valuable know-how around corporate venture building which was crucial for the success of our program. "

Wendy van Leeuwen

Program Manager for

" Pioneers are an ideal partner to support us in creating condensed, yet impactful programmes that will empower startups with the actionable plans and assistance they need to kickstart their further growth. "

Rey Buckman

Airbus Bizlab

" The wide variety and quality of Pioneers scale-ups provided an accurate overview of global innovative trends: great value for us. "

Tobias Weber

Head of SPAYCE

" The startup-driven mindset and style of working of Pioneers was a perfect match to support the launch of SPAYCE. Their methodological support and flexibility were essential to set the basis for our innovation lab. "

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We transform culture

With Pioneers, we found the ideal partner for our innovation initiatives. The team accompanied us with their expertise from the conceptual design of our first group-wide innovation program to the integration of the resulting projects.

Jaqualine MatejevicÖBB Senior Innovation Manager

Intrapreneurship Program

Vienna, Austria

Setting-up and implementing the first company-wide innovation program. Supporting 3-4 internal teams through design sprints and pilot programs per year and matching them with external experts/startups resulting in new products/services, business units and internal process innovations.

3 new business streams created through the 2-year intrapreneurship program
2. 7 tested pilots with 3 new implemented products
3. 60+ internal teams engaged resulting in an improved internal innovation culture

We build internal products

The startup-driven mindset and style of working of Pioneers was a perfect match to support the launch of SPAYCE. Their methodological support and flexibility were essential to set the basis for our innovation lab.

Tobias WeberHead of SPAYCE

Launching an Innovation Hub

Stuttgart, Germany

Supporting with the creation and launch of an Innovation Lab resulting in the development of first idea concepts, MVPs and pilots.

Collaborated with 70 intrapreneurs to increase internal awareness and interacted with 2,300 potential customers
2. 2 high potential business ideas selected for further development through an incubation phase

We collaborate with startups

Pioneers helped to run 8 parallel Design Sprints with startups from across Europe. Their assistance, creativity and cocreatorship helped us and the teams to successfully conceptualize 8 submitted ideas. Today, 4 of these ideas are being pursued to become commercial in 2020.

Casper van der VeenHead of Business Development, Aegon Continental Europe

Open Innovation Challenge

The Hague, Netherlands

Startup scouting, design sprints, moderation, coaching and event organization on the ground.

Developed the framework and team roles required to run business model innovation at Aegon
2. Selected 8 international scale-ups and delivered 8 Design Sprints
3. 4 scale-ups selected for join collaboration projects, resulting in revenue in 2021

Overview of latest references

Intrapreneurship Program

3 years venture development
3 new business streams
7+ tested pilots
3 launched new products
1000+ end customers reached

Innovation Lab Setup

2 projects started within 100 days
2 training days implemented
400+ ideas developed
200+ customers interviews
1 new product already on the market

Open Innovation Challenge

8 innovation topics defined
8 top startups scouted
8 design sprints implemented
2 scale-ups selected
2+ ongoing partnerships

Strategy Scoping

  • Defined the long-term goals for startup collaborations
  • Analyzed the status quo projects and activities
  • Jointly defined the startup collaboration process

Inno Governance Setup

  • Defined the vision and long-term goals of  “Viesure”
  • Set up the resource and team structure
  • Developed a roadmap for first activities

Innovation Fields of Play

  • Analyzed the key tech and startup funding trends in Retail
  • Identified 6 high-potential Tech use cases along the value chain
  • Selected 8 scale-ups for potential collaboration with OBI

Scaleup4Europe Accelerator Program

5 European partners
4 startup labs
45+ scale-ups and startups coached
55+ experts and mentors involved
25+ corporates connected

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Intrapreneurship Program

6 missions
100+ intrapreneurs
6 teams coached and tutored
450+ participants in webinars
3 high-potential business concepts

andritz logo

Internal Startup Contest

3 ideation sessions
100+ employees reached in program
60+ ideas sourced
10+ teams mentored over 3 months
5+ ideas selected for the next stage

Scouting & Bootcamps

4 campuses around the world
150 startups scouted
61 startups coached in bootcamps
20 top startups selected for PoCs
0 dropouts of the accelerator

vattenfall logo

Startup Pilot Setup

6 use cases defined
60 top startups scouted
20 collaboration workshops
– Strategic decision guidance
– Support in pilot setup

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Blueprint Startup Bootcamps

3 locations in Europe
30 top startups scouted
– Design of the selection bootcamp
– Top travel startups selected
– Several ongoing partnerships