Solving the challenges of tomorrow.

At Pioneers we guide companies through their transformation, empower them to unlock their innovation potential, and help them develop and scale new products, services, and business models.

Our Vision

We build a future where organizations have the capabilities to create sustainable value for society and the planet.

Our Mission

We #inspire and #empower organizations and #create innovative new business.


We know the startup scene.

Since 2014 we work on startup collaborations and have built a large network for international scouting. We know how innovative business models can be developed and implemented through startup tools and methods. 

We understand corporates.

Our team has 10+ years of experience in developing and managing corporate strategies. We understand the barriers of creating an entrepreneurial company and guide a successful transformation.

We deliver results and are execution experts.

During all our projects we never lose sight of the important things: Delivering innovation to solve people’s problems while at the same time returning the investments.

We create sustainable innovation.

In every project we consider the impact on the planet and CO2 creation and offer additional services for sustainable innovation.

Management and Senior Consultants

Picture of Anton Schilling

Anton Schilling

Managing Partner

Anton is Managing Director of Pioneers. A technology enthusiast specializing in helping corporates achieve their innovation goals through working with startups and building new ventures. He has experience organizing and planning hackathons, product design sprints, accelerators, and company building programs.

Christina Senft

Senior Innovation Consultant

Christina works as a Senior Innovation Consultant at Pioneers. She gained experience as project lead in the establishment of a tech startup including product development and prototype testing as well as in a corporate setting by leading and implementing company-wide projects (digitalization/IT, restructuring, etc.) and strategy implementation. Her professional background includes experience in several sectors like energy, banking, the commercial office of the Austrian embassy as well as facility management and civil engineering/construction.
picture of Jonathan Zilberberg

Jonathan Zilberberg

Innovation Manager

As an Innovation Manager, Jonathan focuses on corporate innovation and venture building within Pioneers. Having 6+ years of technology consulting experience, he has strong expertise in program management and a deep understanding of corporate technology strategy. Jonathan engaged in his own venture journey and helped to build the strategy and business model for a startup in the human resource area. Additionally, he has industry insights in Data Analytics, Payments, Insurance, Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Treasury.
Julian König

Julian König

Senior Innovation Consultant

Julian is a Senior Innovation Consultant at Pioneers. His focus lies on innovation strategy as well as idea development and business model innovation. He has several years of experience in the management of digitalization and innovation projects. Most recently, he worked in the public sector. Having worked in the Austrian startup ecosystem before, he is an expert in navigating through the startup landscape and facilitating collaborations. Moreover, he has a strong academic background in strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship by having completed the SIMC Master at WU Vienna.
Picture of Michael Wlaschitz

Michael Lunzer

Manager and Head of Venture Design

Michael is our expert in venture development. Having worked in 3 startups prior to Pioneers, he brings in vast know-how in how to develop new business models. He also helps clients introduce startup tools and working styles and developing customer-centric products based on iterative testing and validation.Having completed a full-stack software development program, he also provides the necessary tech skills to develop software products from design to production.Additionally, as an alumni of the Strategy, Innovation & Management Control Master (SIMC) at WU, he has also a strong academic background in innovation topics always challenging the tools and methods applied at Pioneers.
Picture of Micha Obrist

Michael Obrist

Manager & Digital Product Designer

In his role as an Innovation Manager, Michael builds strong connections with corporate clients and further develops the business and digital products of Pioneers. He has a background in Economics and has worked for several years in the Berlin and US startup ecosystem in digital technologies such as 3D printing, machine learning or online education. He has built and managed new products and services in growth-stage startups and unicorn companies alike.
Foto Rupert von Schmutzer

Rupert Schmutzer

Head of Pioneers.Talent

Rupert is Head of Pioneers.Talent - our tailored offering of talent solutions for startups, scaleups, and corporate ventures. After a career in management consulting, he has developed into a trusted advisor in the headhunting business with a focus on executive roles and key functions in dynamic organizations.
Sophia Kuther

Sophia Kuther

Senior Innovation Consultant

Sophia is a Senior Innovation Consultant at Pioneers. Having worked for both a strategy consulting firm and a corporate venture builder, she combines methods from top management consulting and operational experience in launching and building startups.
Team pic

Sophie Rab

Innovation Manager

Sophie is an Innovation Manager at Pioneers with a focus on innovation strategy work. She has more than 5 years of experience in developing digital strategies and in planning and managing digital transformation projects, both as a consultant and in the corporate world.
Picture of Thomas Gabriel

Thomas Gabriel

Managing Partner

Thomas is Managing Partner at Pioneers. He recently joined the team after a career in strategy consulting at Contrast and EY Parthenon.Thomas has a strong track record in strategically transforming organizations in several industries – strategy, organization, performance management. Innovation from thought to finish is driving his work – digitalization and sustainability are the main levers.He is a strategist, innovator and entrepreneur, making strategy and innovation happen.

The Pioneers History


Launch of Pioneers.Talent

Innovation needs visionaries to make it fly. That’s why we launched Pioneers.Talent  – our tailored offering of talent solutions for startups, scaleups, and corporate ventures.



Based on our clients’ needs for flexible venture-building support and outsourcing of personnel resources management, we enlarged our service offering by the new product “Venture-Studio-As-A-Service”. This new model allows clients to operate and test a venture studio without building up internal resources from the beginning. After a successful test, clients can ramp up their own studio.


Full Management Buyout

In 2022, the remaining startup300 shares were bought back by Pioneers to lay the ground for a further scaling phase of the Corporate Innovation and Venture Building services.

Launch of Pioneer.Climate and Pioneers.Peak

To increase our focus on sustainable innovation and our environmental and social impact, we launched Pioneers.Climate. A Pioneers “special force”, where we focus on helping clients measure their CO2 footprint and develop ESG strategies to get closer to Net Zero. At the same time, we started our own multi-corporate venture building hub – Pioneers.Peak. There, we work with first partners such as OMV, Porsche and fasthub BOSCH on validating internal ideas in a collaborative and creative environment.


Roll-Out of Innovation Strategy and Setup Services

At Pioneers we want to contribute to a better future of society solving the big challenges of this planet. In 2021, we thus launched our Pioneers Innovation Framework that connects the larger corporate strategy to innovation execution. With a strong strategic anchor, we increase the chance of innovation success and thus the impact of any of our corporate innovation projects.



Foundation of the Pioneers Innovation GmbH focusing on working hand in hand with corporates to build innovative solutions through venture activities.


zero21 is launched

The network for corporates, founders, investors and entrepreneurs, enabling us to harness our services to benefit our community.


Pioneers joins startup300

To grow our network and offer a scope of financial support, space and consultancy services, as well as networking and corporate collaboration.


Pioneers Ventures

is created to further support our network of entrepreneurs, offering early-stage startups with funding from EUR 50 -100K.


Innovation Consulting

is introduced in response to partners asking for our startup expertise and support with innovation activities.


Pioneers Festival

is launched to expand our reach and engage a global network, offering unique access to European tech leaders.


StartEurope is Founded

creating a network for startups, entrepreneurs and investors to drive innovation where it’s needed most.


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