10 Reasons Why Investors Should Attend Pioneers Festival 2015

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1. Ok, maybe this GIF is slightly exaggerating


It won’t get any easier for you to pimp your dealflow. Seriously with more than 1,500 teams that applied for Pioneers Festival 2015 we will present you the best and finest selection of startups on Wednesday, May 27. Find your unicorn!

You want to meet the founders, have an informal personal chat, check out their products? Right, you got us! You’ll have all of that at our annual Investors Day. Quality time with the founding team in dedicated meeting areas with 50 hand-selected startups out of 1,500 applicants!

2. You are not alone!


Connect or re-connect with investor peers, hear and see what they are doing, chat and start new cooperations, or just get inspired. You don’t have to get married or anything, but we offer a great environment for your vivid discussions.

The investors-exclusive drinks in the evening of our Investors Day on May 27 is a great place to do just that – mingle and exchange with fellow VCs, BAs, and well other partners (sorry I’m out of abbreviations).

3. Entrance to exit


You know how it works and we don’t have to tell you that you probably won’t find any other place where you can be so sure that corporate visitors are not only interested in the startup world, but even big fans of it.

We hear that many of these corporates are on the lookout for the next Siri, Skype, Youtube,… or even MySpace.


4. Spend money to make money. Or the other way round?


More than 100 limited partners will be invited at Pioneers Festival 2015. Set up a meeting? Just use our app to arrange those in the most comfortable way.


5. Stay up-to-date in this fast-paced tech world


Want to know what is happening in the next 5-10 years? Bold question, we know. But, we have an entire stage dedicated to giving you an overview about the most important topics the near and distant future has to offer.

Hands-on insights and stories from pioneers who have successfully explored and developed new areas of technology from aerospace and clean tech to robotics.

Get a glimpse behind the curtain on the Arena Stage.

6. eBay? PayPal? LinkedIn?


Ever heard of those? Sure. Meet the business angel who invested in all of them when they were startups – we are very proud to have Gil Penchina be part of Pioneers Festival 2015.

Thursday, 11:35, Academy Stage
Thursday, 15:30, Academy Stage

7. Tinder for Investors x Startups


And you don’t even have to swipe to get your matches. Get a personalized list of startups recommended for you, based on the interests you enter when registering.

8. Already got enough Startups?


An additional 100 startups will present their products in our two showrooms (Tech Forum and Tech Salon) and 24 more startups will give you a 90 seconds elevator pitch on stage while you can listen from your comfy seat.


Worried you won’t remember all the names? Worry no more, like the Pokédex for all the 721 (yes, they got more these days) Pokémon we will provide you with a nice overview.

9. 90s, House, and Techno Networking or as others put it: Party!


Sure enough, we’ll have two parties at the end of each day. No matter if you just want to listen to good music, grab your Feierabend-Bier or meet some more people… Put down your phone and enjoy the show!

10. We already said it several times, but just to be 100% sure:


Pioneers Festival is packed with lots and lots of inspiring keynotes, the newest technology to experience, amazing people to meet, and things to try. Europe’s innovation wonderland and an adventure you won’t forget.


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