Nicole Glaros


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Nicole got her entrepreneurial start in the 4th grade, orchestrating cousins into theatrical plays and charging neighbors admission.

From there, she founded three startups, the first of which had a healthy exit and the last two which failed miserably. Since then, she’s spent over a decade working with and funding early-stage web software companies. Most recently, she’s been with Techstars since it’s early days as a humble program in Boulder, Colorado, and has helped expand the brand and operations. In addition to running the Colorado office, she’s also been part of the launch in Texas, and headed operations in NYC. She was named one of the “Coolest People in New York Tech” by Business Insider in 2013 and Marie Claire named her one of the “NewGuard”. Nicole graduated with her Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology from the University of Florida, likes to do at least one philanthropic thing annually, and shares the wonderment of parenthood with the love of her life, Mark. When not thinking about TechStars, you’ll find Nicole on her bike, on a trail, or on the slopes, hanging with her big fat greek family, looking at real estate investment opportunities, traveling to some exotic destination, or generally making a fool of herself to entertain others. Specialties: technology seed-stage companies, operations, public speaking and community relations, growth strategies, fundraising, venture capital, pitch for capital.