Pioneers Ventures Seals Its First Exit

By September 19, 2017February 2nd, 2024No Comments

Atmosplay met Pioneers Ventures at Pioneers’ annual flagship event back in 2015, after which a deal for a €125K investment was struck. The startup joined other Pioneers Ventures portfolio companies on the annual tour to Silicon Valley last year, which their CEO Balint Turi recalls as a ‘pivotal experience’.

Shortly thereafter, they made the decision to offer their interactive mobile advertising product with their current in-game advertising model. And they haven’t looked back since the switch to being fully B2B: the growth in the space of just a few months has been phenomenal.

“Pioneers Ventures were interested in innovative adtech solutions and looked primarily for companies who provide technologies to the entire industry,” says Balint.

Atmosplay was able to offer that, both before and after its pivot. Every game developer needs to advertise their product, and Atmosplay provides the fastest and best way for them to do that. Namely advertisements that can give potential users a real taste of what the game is like – at one click of a button.

Three things really made Atmosplay stand out, and ultimately led to this deal. First, the sheer quality of the ads: Atmosplay provides users the entire 3D experience, with all the animations and complicated graphics of a sophisticated mobile game. Second, the startup can develop an interactive playable advert in just 24 hours. Third is the company’s impressively independent work process: they can deliver the project themselves 95% of the time, which saves a lot of consultation time and effort for the clients.

With the new investment, Atmosplay now has an opportunity to expand into serving the burgeoning Chinese gaming market.

“The last year has been very hard, but worth it! We received a lot of support from Pioneers and I’m very thankful personally to Markus Lang and Philipp Stangl there for their continuous support. I’d also like to thank all the other Pioneers Ventures portfolio companies for their input along the way. We’ve been looking for a big partner who would use our tech as core, and this is happening now!

“To be honest, stepping into a highly competitive industry with a very early stage portfolio company was challenging. However, the persistence and passion of the founders again turned out to be the critical success factor. We wish Balint and his team all the best and look forward to seeing our next portfolio startup echo their success,” says Markus Lang, Managing Director, Pioneers Ventures.

ZPLAY has been fairly guarded about company plans for Atmosplay, but CEO Jack Ho revealed that “Atmosplay brings us a fresh market opportunity that complements what we do now very well. We feel very fortunate to be working alongside the Atmosplay team going forward, and hope to report great successes in the near future.”

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