Industry Pioneers Hackathon: Calling Startups & Corporates!

By September 18, 2017February 2nd, 2024No Comments

Industry Pioneers offers interested corporates the chance to solve a real-life business challenge, working with the collective brainpower of 20 hand-picked startups from around the world. The keen innovators will be tasked to build workable prototypes in 48 hours.

One of the first companies on board is KEBA, which will ask startups to help in its quest to build an online community to support technology users. They’re looking for solutions that could include an intelligent database and use smart interface technologies and tools.

Any further companies from around the world who would like to gain new solutions and a presence in the startup ecosystem by issuing challenges to the approximately 80 bright minds taking part in the hackathon can contact Pioneers Discover via this link or mailing

For international startups with an Industry 4.0 focus, applications are open! Those selected will gain valuable access to major industrial companies who could become their future partners, solve real-world challenges and improve their skills as they go. They’ll also receive mentorship and tickets to Pioneers’18. Startups can apply for the hackathon here.

Industry Pioneers is supported by Stadt Linz, Land Oberösterreich and Industriellevereinigung Oberösterreich.