Improving ANDRITZ’s Machinery Challenges

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International technology group, ANDRITZ, is a leading manufacturer of plants, equipment and services with a focus on IIoT solutions. With its headquarters in Graz, Austria, ANDRITZ operates over 250 sites worldwide and has a staff of roughly 25,000 employees.


Leverage Big Data Analytics to improve processes and solve real use cases related to ANDRITZ’s core machinery.


Pioneers Discover assessed ANDRITZ’s innovation needs and determined a hackathon to be the best format for quickly addressing ANDRITZ’s challenges. Pioneers Discover proceeded to evaluate startups through a four-stage selection process and support ANDRITZ through all stages of the hackathon preparation, organization and implementation.

  • Analyzed the needs and objectives of ANDRITZ
  • Defined innovation strategy and roadmap
  • Provided Industry & Technology report
  • Selected innovation areas and screening criteria
  • Screened and providing startup reports on monthly basis
  • Selected top 8 startups
  • Organized and realized hackathon
  • Facilitated relationship-building between startups and ANDRITZ


Needs assessment and tailored innovation strategy
4 startup reports with 50 startups fitting to the needs of ANDRITZ
8 leading software startups with 40 top developers at the hackathon
8 prototypes developed within 48 hours
ANDRITZ is currently in discussions with winning startups for a collaboration project