Giving REHAU an innovation culture boost

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REHAU is a leading systems and service provider for polymer-based solutions in the construction, automotive and industry. Producing more than 40,000 different products, innovation is the crucial element of REHAU´s corporate philosophy.


Inspire employees for innovative thinking and co-create with the best startups in order to make advancements in the fields of Smart Retail, Smart Industrial Solutions and Smart Furniture Applications. 


Pioneers Discover developed and executed a customized two-stage Innovation Program, which started with an Innovation Day to inspire employees and connect them with the startup world. Through the second stage, Pioneers Discover determined the innovation needs of the different departments of REHAU, screened for the best startups and organized co-creation workshops to further develop use cases and the roadmap for collaboration.

Stage 1: Innovation Day

  • Defined goals and innovation areas
  • Screened and determined the best startups
  • Organized and realized Innovation Day
  • Analyzed the key results and learnings

Stage 2: Co-creation Workshops

  • Defined innovation areas of two departments
  • Conducted the second round of startup screening
  • Organized and moderated co-creation workshops
  • Documented results and developed collaboration roadmap


  • Assessment of innovation needs
  • Identification of top 50 startups fitting the program goals
  • Innovation Day with 5 startups in Smart Retail field
  • 2 co-creation workshops with 8 startups
  • REHAU is now actively collaborating with startups from the Innovation Day and co-creation workshops

“Pioneers Discover connected us to first class international startups and introduced us to the vibrant and intriguing startup world. The co-creation workshops with the startups inspired us to think in completely new ways and business models. We can definitely recommend Pioneers Discover to facilitate the venture into the startup world as a corporate and to introduce fruitful collaborations with top-notch startups.”