Pioneers Discover Gives Fintech Startups €80K Opportunity With BBVA

By June 26, 2017December 22nd, 2020No Comments

There’s every chance they could emulate our 2016 Pioneers500 alumnus Musoni, which went on to win BBVA Open Talent last year.

Startups can enter in two categories, namely Fintech For Companies and Global Trends, with registration on the Pioneers Piobay platform closing on 3 July. Ten finalists in each category will subsequently be announced in August, with the September finals taking place at Innovate Finance London and Next Money Chicago respectively.

Each category winner will receive an unconditional €30 000 award. In addition to the immersion week in Madrid they will also receive an invite to the BBVA Open Summit, where they will compete for a further €50 000.

Female entrepreneurs BBVA Open Talent could additionally be selected for the Women in Fintech and Financial Inclusion Special Award. This would mean invitations to an immersion week and the BBVA Open Summit, as well as a trip to Pioneers’18 in Vienna next May.

This opportunity with BBVA is one of no less than six open calls for startups that Pioneers Discover is currently running. Another one for which application time is running out is the Vienna Start-Up Package 2017, for which the deadline is June 28.

Startups from all industries are invited to apply for six places on the programme, which runs in October and November this year. The Vienna Start-Up Package offers them the chance to immerse themselves in the Vienna innovation scene, enjoying coaching, introductions and co-working space. Accommodation, as well as travel from within Europe, will be covered.

View all Pioneers Discover Open Calls at:

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