Pioneers ’19: A Technological Walk Through Human Life

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Our annual flagship event is known for exploding into life in spectacular fashion. Just like the universe did, actually – at least if you’re into the theory of the Big Bang.

Where do we come from? Where are we heading?

This year our content will start just there: at the very beginning of life itself. To dive further into those questions, we’ll take a look at the most impactful deep tech at our current disposal, including covering genomics in our Pre-Birth segment, EduTech in our Childhood segment, and new technology around healthy longevity in our closing New Life segment.

How does deep tech help us understand and enhance the ‘human journey’?

Right after the opening show on the morning of May 9th, Pioneers ’19 will kick off the serious business with an Origins of Life segment, setting the theme of the event by asking the question of how deep tech will help us understand and shape the ‘human journey’. By focusing on technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual/Augmented Reality and Quantum Computing, we will answer the most challenging and fundamental technology questions facing us in our lifetime.

How do we pave the way for future generations?

The reason we’re doing this lies in our deeply-rooted and longstanding commitment to keep humans at the centre of our thinking about technology, which must positively impact life as we know it. The thread we’ve chosen this year helps keep this fact present throughout the two days, and ideally even after Pioneers ‘19 has come to an end.

Our other major push originates in our overall theme, Walk the Talks, which is all about going beyond the hype. It’s about speakers with pioneering and realistic ideas, tech that can truly come to fruition and collaborations between people who are fully committed to bringing entrepreneurial visions to life.

Stay tuned to all our channels over the coming weeks to meet some of the remarkable speakers we’ve lined up to dive deep into these topics!

Tickets for Pioneers ’19, taking place in Vienna on 9th-10th May, are available here.