Kapsch Announces Factory1 Global Accelerator Finalists

By February 21, 2019February 2nd, 2024No Comments

Pioneers Discover is pleased to share the names of the 15 finalists chosen by Kapsch for its Factory1 global accelerator program. Our consultancy arm scouted all of the 193 startups who completed applications for the mobility-focused program, in which the four winners stand to win €160,000 in equity-free funding, acceleration days, Proof of Concept opportunities and four months of business development.

This lucky quartet will be decided after the final pitching day, which takes place in Vienna on February 27th. The group of 15 finalists is the result of a careful selection process from the long list of startups who applied following our worldwide outreach, and then a round of remote video pitches. Following these presentations to the jury and Kapsch board members, the global technology company has selected the following to travel to Vienna (at Kapsch expense) and present their mobility solutions in person.

Aerostate (USA)
Autofleet (Israel)
Bestmile (Switzerland)
Bleenco (Germany)
Brisk Synergies (Canada)
Crypta Labs (United Kingdom)
DERQ (United Arab Emirates)
Exeon Analytics (Switzerland)
Flx (South Africa)
GoodVision (Czech Republic)
Imburse (Switzerland)
ObjectBox (Germany)
Ondewo (Austria)
HD Vision Systems (Germany)
Waycar (USA)

Kapsch is a globally-operating technology company that focuses on upcoming needs in the fields of communication and mobility. With innovative technology, products and solutions, Kapsch makes a significant contribution to a sustainable future in public and private transportation. The Factory1 global accelerator program was created to fill the gap between new solutions in the intelligent mobility space and the strengths of the international corporation.

In addition to the €160,000 in equity-free funding, Kapsch will also provide the winning startups with four months of business development and invite the startups to acceleration days in Austria or the United States. They will also provide mentoring and the opportunity to work on joint Proof of Concepts.

Need a specialist to help you scout startups for your next corporate innovation program? Pioneers Discover can take care of anything from scouting to planning and executing a full program. Contact our consultancy arm on

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