Bringing startups into RLB ÖÖ

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RLB OÖ is Austria’s leading regional bank, with over 18 branches supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and more than 80,000 private customers.


Learn about the fundamentals of the startup world and meet FinTech startups that could develop innovative solutions for RLB OÖ.


Pioneers Discover’s innovation strategy revolved around the organization and execution of an Innovation Day to identify potential touchpoints for future collaboration with the top startups.

  • Defined goals and innovation needs
  • Screened and evaluated the best partners fitting to RLB OÖ
  • Identified and invited the top-fit startups
  • Organized and moderated Innovation Day
  • Analyzed the key results and learnings


  • Assessment of RLB OÖ’s innovation needs
  • Defined collaboration strategy with startups
  • Co-creation with pre-selected 6 startups
  • Implementation of mobile payment solution developed by Innovation Day startup, Blue Code
  • Branding as innovative company