Alpine Tourism Hackathon

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Sudbünden is one of the oldest and most renowned winter tourism areas located in the mountains of Switzerland, and includes top ski resorts such as St. Moritz.


Position Südbünden as one of the most innovative tourism areas in Europe.


Pioneers Discover built a full strategy around creating a startup ecosystem, of which the first step was the execution of a hackathon. Pioneers Discover managed all stages of the hackathon from preparation and organization, all the way through implementation.

  • Assessed region’s innovation needs and goals
  • Built ecosystem strategy with defined steps, starting with hackathon
  • Determined hackathon goals and scouting criteria
  • Built and promoted customized website to accept applications
  • Identified, evaluated and invited 10 top startups
  • Onboarded startups and coordinated event logistics
  • Realized and moderated hackathon on site


  • 10 startups with 35 top developers
  • 10 prototypes developed within 48 hours
  • ~30,000 new lines of code
  • Ongoing collaboration with startups