Video: Highlights From Pioneers’18

By June 7, 2018February 2nd, 2024No Comments

Our flagship event, which went ahead on May 24th-25th at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, brought together 2,500 international innovators, 550 startups and a top line-up of 70+ fascinating speakers, all united under the ‘Blurred Frontiers’ theme. Our highlights video from Pioneers’18 offers a flavour of how the high-impact innovation was showcased and which key global issues were discussed.

If you were with us at the Hofburg, give the video below a watch for a reminder of the event’s buzzing vibe that also included 80+ on-stage sessions and thousands of 1:1 valuable business meetings. We hope it gets you thinking about our next event, the second edition of Health.Pioneers, which takes place in Vienna on October 10th!

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