Pioneers Startup Challenge 2013: And The Winners Are…

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Out of 850 startups from all over the globe, BabyWatch, Empatica, Kano Computing, Protonet, Solarbrush, Symptoma, Transmetrics and Vires Aeronautics made the Top 8 of Pioneers Festival 2013 Startup challenge ready to conquer the world!

Multidisciplinary and diverse are terms that don’t do this crowd justice. Nor can anyone still pretend the European startup environment is as dry as a desert. These startups prove that technological innovation will be able to solve mankind’s problems.

Hardware made in Germany: Cloud computing and robotics. From Italy, a wristband that measures human data in real time – quantified self. Green Logistics from Bulgaria: fighting climate change with big data. From the United Kingdom: Building a computer for kids and for the kid in all of us. Med-Tech from Croatia and Austria: Enabling a mother to monitor her own pregnancy and Google for doctors – saving lives with the right diagnosis. And last but not least, saving the environment by making aircraft more efficient – straight out of Berkeley, United States of America.

Pioneers you are ready!

Who will take home this year’s Pioneers Award? Which startup will go on and win the Pioneers World Tour powered by Coca-Cola:

Atlanta – New York – San Francisco – Shenzhen – Singapore

Each startup pitched in front of our panel of judges including Andra Keay of Robot Launchpad, Ben Einstein founder of hardware accelerator, Sequoia Capital’s Tal Morgenstern, Luc Julia VP of Samsung and Michael Seibel Partner of YCombinator and CEO of Socialcam.

Predicting the winner

The leading body language analysts took a shot at attempting to predict the winner by analyzing the judges’ facial expressions.