Next Wave of Health.Pioneers Startups Confirmed

By September 7, 2017February 2nd, 2024No Comments

While they attack a variety of different problems with an exciting mix of solutions, they’re all advancing healthcare in their own special way. Data analytics, machine learning tools and new deployment methods feature prominently as these innovators find ways to contribute to the transformation of the entire health industry.

Among the startups you’ll be able to meet at B.Building Business on October 25 in the Dutch capital is Contextflow, which is developing breakthrough technology for radiologists. It’s best described as an image-based search engine that uses machine learning to draw useful parallels from a variety of essentially unstructured medical data.

Anvajo, a spin-off from the University of Technology in Dresden, will also be joining us in the Netherlands. It has developed a ‘minilab’ that can test blood with minimal invasiveness, providing immediate results with lab-grade accuracy. Their product is cheap and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, adding a highly effective tool to improve diagnostics and prescriptions in new contexts.

Hungarian cancer-fighters Turbine, who were Pioneers Challenge finalists at Pioneers’17, are also coming to Health.Pioneers. They’ve developed a method to replicate slow, expensive laboratory testing of cancer drug hypotheses with computer simulations. These ‘virtual experiments’ exponentially grow the amount of drug ideas oncologists can assess a given time frame – and Turbine is also developing the tech to be able to offer personalised cancer drug recommendations.

Also on the cancer warpath are Active Needle, a British startup who have developed a highly accurate ultrasonically vibrating biopsy needle. The device aims to outperform current techniques by reducing bending and improving visibility of the needle tip.

Another of our Health.Pioneers startups, Atlas Biomed, is among those advancing the move towards putting more of health management in the hands of patients. Their easy-to-use DNA and microbiome tests can produce personalised food and fitness recommendations, inspiring people to positive lifestyle changes for a healthier future.

We’re also thinking outside the box by inviting Animacel, a Slovenian company that has developed stem cell technology to treat animals suffering from diseases affecting locomotor apparatus. They’re working to help horses and dogs with joint and ligament problems.

You can view the ever-growing list of confirmed startups (including Holey, one of whose smart orthopaedic solutions is pictured above) by visiting the Health Pioneers website, scrolling down below the agenda and selecting ‘startups’.

It’s not too late for your startup to apply for Health.Pioneers, but we’re already screening plenty more great ones so the sooner the better! The final deadline is September 18 and you can apply here.

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