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Pioneers.Peak at a Glance

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At Pioneers, we strongly believe that business innovation has a long-term positive impact on people, planet and companies.

To democratise innovation and empower any employee to act as an entrepreneur, we have launched Pioneers.Peak – the first multi-corporate intrapreneurship hub on the market.

Why we started Pioneers.Peak

At we have been working on intrapreneurship topics for more than 5 years. We are fascinated by the impact these programs have delivered. Not only have we seen many of the employee’s ideas being turned into reality. But we witnessed positive cultural changes within our client’s organisations.

Intrapreneurship formats combine the best of many worlds and can help achieve several goals with the organisation:

Intrapreneurship Goals

  1. Develop new products, services and business models
  2. Further develop an entrepreneurial mindset within the company
  3. Break silos and foster interdisciplinary exchange
  4. Retain talent aiming to contribute to the future of the company
  5. Attract new talent looking for a place where they can make an impact

There are many reasons to kick-off internal venture building through your own employees. However, many companies have difficulties implementing intrapreneurship initiatives successfully. Some of the most common hurdles are:

Barriers to Intrapreneurship Success

  1. Employees’ lack of time and focus to develop new ideas next to their daily role
  2. Missing know-how and expertise in building and scaling ventures
  3. High investment to build up initiatives and resources internally
  4. Problems with reintegrating new ideas into the core business
  5. Lack of a support system for teams after the initial ideation phase

In the last 5 years, we have constantly improved our intrapreneurship approach. It has become clear that intrapreneurs don’t just need a good idea. They require the right environment, tools and network to develop large-scale successful ventures.That’s why we have launched Pioneers.Peak – the first multi-corporate intrapreneurship hub where teams find everything they need to climb the peak.

The Pioneers.Peak Concept

At Pioneers.Peak teams of different corporates work side-by-side on their ventures. That means e.g. that two teams of an energy company could work next to one team of a manufacturing player and a mobility company, similar to an accelerator on the startup market.

The development of a team’s idea or solution is divided into three phases:

  1. PRE-SEED with a focus on early validation of an idea concept,
  2. SEED where teams work on the first pilot and MVP 
  3. GROWTH where teams get support in scaling.

In all phases, Pioneers.Peak provides innovation coaches that support the teams with the necessary tools and methods to succeed. Additionally, there is a broad pool of experts who we match with the teams at various stages of the development process. Experts give individual coaching sessions. They provide support in areas such as marketing, tech, sustainability, or legal. They also share their personal view on the venture concepts themselves.

Intrapreneurs laughing

The Physical and Digital Environment

Teams work bi-weekly for one day in the innovative co-creation space Tribe.Space Vienna. In between the on-site sprints, they work individually and remotely on their ideas. Here, they have several weekly check-ins with our venture builders. These, provide their expertise and hands-on support.
Additionally, together with our partner Braineet, we offer a digital platform. There, teams can exchange among each other and with all Peak partners and experts.

tribe space workshop

Official Launch of Pioneers.Peak in 22

The first Pioneers.Peak teams will officially start their climb in September 2022. Before that, we support our company partners in defining the right innovation topics and activating and selecting the best teams and ideas.

For all info on how to join Pioneers.Peak as a company or intrapreneur, visit our website:

P.Peak Website
Michael Wlaschitz

Michael Wlaschitz

Head of Venture Design @Pioneers

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