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The $125 Trillion opportunity

Source: UNFCCC

Climate change and sustainability is going to trigger the largest reallocation of capital in history.

Is your company ready?

Our aim

We aim to lead a wave of value-creating innovation that safeguards our planet and advances sustainability for our clients.

We do this by leveraging innovation tools and solutions – and combining these with our know-how on sustainability and vibrant ecosystem of clean-tech partners .

We believe innovation and sustainability
go hand in hand.

What we work on

ESG readiness

Helping companies assess where they should take action.

  • Climate science and implications for business model
  • SDG exposure, stakeholder involvement
  • Trend-mapping
  • Materiality matrix

Carbon footprinting and climate reporting

Setting up the necessary systems and infrastructure to enable future compliance

  • Corporate carbon footprinting 
  • Reporting requirement definition, system selection and customising
  • Carbon footprint software integration into existing business practices and business models

Climate strategy

Understanding our client’s key decarbonisation focus areas and charting a roadmap for business transformation

  • Defining strategic advantage in a carbon constrained world.
  • Developing a climate strategy: goals, KPIS and measures

Sustainability innovation

Developing new business measures  that advance decarbonisation

  • Climate tech landscape intelligence
  • Employee engagement strategies
  • Climate innovation design sprints / Intrapreneurship programs for sustainability
  • Strategic project execution and management

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