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Grow your business in Austria through the new Media4Revenue offer by IP Österreich

The goal of the IP Österreich TV Startup Package is to give high-growth FMCG startups, e-commerce companies and SMEs the chance to discover TV as a new marketing channel in Austria and to promote their product and brand to Austrian mass market. With the “Media 4 Revenue Share Model” IP Österreich provides an affordable, customized, low-risk opportunity to achieve measurable and full impact on TV.

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About the Startup TV Package Austria

Unleash the full potential of your business with TV ads

The Startup TV Package Austria provides startups, e-commerce companies and SMEs the opportunity to explore TV as a new marketing channel, to build up their brand and to promote their product to a broad audience. Even though many declared TV to be outdated, it is still the communication medium with the widest reach and offers the opportunity to take your business to the next level.

With the unique “Media 4 Revenue Share Model” IP Österreich provides an affordable, customized, low-risk opportunity to achieve measurable and full impact on TV. This entry package enables startups and SMEs to reach their target group in a highly efficient way.

No equity taken at any point of the media collaboration
Individually defined revenue share calculated on a staggered basis
Risk-sharing between IP Österreich and the startup
Joint development of the media strategy and planning

Campaign implementation and performance evaluation


The Startup TV Package Austria is specifically designed to allow an easy and well-guided entering into the world of TV advertisements. With the package get expert support throughout the whole planning, development and performance measurement of TV ads  – while the payment of the full price is linked to success.

Promote your product and brand to a broad audience
Boost your growth and revenues in the Austrian market
Test the German-speaking mass market and get ready to scale
Get expert support for media planning and launch
Access TV advertising with shared risk and affordable pricing

Selection Criteria

In order to be eligible for the IP Österreich Startup Package, your company has to meet the following criteria:

#1 Product & Market 

Scalable B2C products, preferably in the area of FMCG and e-commerce

#2 Traction & Stage

Later-stage startups and SMEs with a monthly recurring revenue of €30k+

#3  Location

Europe, intending to enter or grow revenues or presence in the Austrian market


Jollydays offers gift vouchers for any adventure and occasion.
Jollydays used several TV Ads in collaboration with IP Österreich to increase market share and awareness for its adventure vouchers.

waterdrop® enriches your water with fruit and plant extracts. Founded in Austria, Waterdrop used IP Österreich TV ads to grow its revenues and presence in the home country.

About Unit 3 at IP Österreich

IP Österreich is a leading cross-media advertising marketer and serves the increasing demand for multichannel marketing offers on the Austrian market with its cross-genre portfolio. IP Österreich markets the advertising time of the media group RTL including the channels RTL, VOX, SUPER RTL, NITRO, n-tv, RTLplus, RTL II as well as the sports channel Sky Sport Austria/HD and regional channels R9, schauTV and In addition, their portfolio includes a high-quality online portfolio with digital products and influencer marketing.

Unit 3 supports start-ups, SMEs and e-commerce companies in entering the high-reach medium of TV and assists them with their experience in efficiently scaling for the mass market.

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Please see FAQs for more details.

How do I know if my startup is TV-ready?

In order to be ready for this “Media for Revenue” opportunity and promoting your product and brand via TV ads, you need to make sure that you fulfill 3 criteria:

  1. Your product is available in Austria (online or in stores)
  2. Your monthly revenue is over 30.000€
  3. You have a spot or plan to create one

No Spot – No Problem: We help you with intros to video production companies, or we offer to directly create a spot with your content (video and images) and a professional narrator (Option to be paid back as additional volume).

Please fill out the interest form to receive more details.

How can I get more information about this opportunity?

Please use the interest form on Piobay. By registering on Piobay you also become part of the Pioneers network and we will keep you informed about upcoming opportunities for you.

When is the right time to start with our TV ads as a startup?

According to the stage of the startup, different marketing and communication channels are most suitable.

At the very beginning startups communicate to their family and friends, vias word of mouth, social media and public relations. Then soon online performance marketing follows in order to reach early adopters and niche customers. A lot of testing is done at these stages.

When a startup has reached product-market-fit the focus switches to the roll out on the mass market. Online performance ads are continued but in order to generate demand above the line marketing actions are added.

Regarding extensive studies[1] TV advertisement has the highest return on investment (ROI) among marketing channels. TV can transfer a high level of emotions and reach the potential customer in relaxed and receptive state. The high quality touchpoints are delivered in a brand-safe-environment (our colleagues place the ads, so no negative effect can occur).

Besides the mentioned factors, in order to start with TV Ads its critical to

  • define a broad target group in terms of age range and sex
  • have the products available at the target market and have a functioning supply chain
  • have a TV Spot or be willing to produce one

In order to participate in our Media 4 Revenue Model we suggest a revenue level of at least € 30k per month.


[1] „Profit Ability: the business case for advertising“, November 2017  Ebiquity ROI campaign database (Jan’08-May’17). Campaign obs: 6000; 2. ‚Profit Ability: the business case for advertising‘, November 2017 Ebiquity ROI campaign database (Feb’14-May’17). Campaign obs: 1954

On which TV Channels will my spots be shown?

IP Österreich exclusively markets the channels of the Mediengruppe RTL (one of the biggest media companies in Europe) as well as local stations.

We plan your campaign regarding to your broad target group. The general key metric that you pay for are the number of touchpoints within your target group. The spots are placed by our research and campaign management team in these leading channels:

  • RTL
  • VOX
  • SuperRTL
  • Nitro.
  • ntv
  • RTLplus
  • RTLzwei
  • KroneTV

Will the TV Ads also be show on your channels in Germany?

The TV Ads for each station are different in Germany and in Austria. Although we are part of the Mediengruppe RTL, we market the advertisement space for Austria. If you want to do a roll out in several markets, we can connect you with the right contacts. Learnings generated in one market can also be applied to other markets. So you can start for example in Austria as a test market and then efficiently do bigger campaigns in other markets, like Germany.

Why is Austria a good test market?

Austria is, especially for Germany, a very suitable test market. Austria has 1/10 of the population of Germany with very similar demographics. As the learnings from a campaign in Austria can be applied to other markets it is efficient to first do a smaller campaign here and then scale to other markets.

What time slots are chosen? How do you assure quality of my placement?

As mentioned, we only charge you by touchpoints within the defined broad target group. In general spots are placed on different channels and time slots. As you only pay per touchpoint the most relevant factor is to reach your target group.

So a prime time spot in a big channel can reach for example 20x the people in the target group as a late night spot on a niche channel. As you pay per touchpoint for example 1 prime time spot and 20 late night spots could interchangeable by result and price. Our decades long research assures that you get the best mix.

How does the roadmap look like? What are the steps in order to do a TV campaign?

  1. We give you a general overview of our offer in form of a presentation
  2. We set up a call and answer individual questions (if not covered here) & you give us input (starting date, goal, potential budget, spot help required etc.) in order to arrive at a first campaign plan.
  3. We agree on the terms and sign our standard contract (at least 4 weeks before the start)
  4. We reserve the advertising slots on different TV Channels. The same time your spot should be ready or in final planning.
  5. You deliver the spot (2 weeks before start)

Can there be changes in my campaign plan?

The TV program is – to a certain degree – dynamic. There can be unforeseen events (eg. death of a celebrity etc.) that result in changes of the program. Even if there are short term changes, we make sure that the number of touchpoints of your target group stay the same.

We don’t have a spot. How can we get one easily?

Our main business is to deliver your message/brand to the relevant target group. We are not an advertisement agency, but we can help you with your spot production, in several ways:

  1. We offer a simple spot production with your exact input (storyline, pictures, videos, etc.). We don’t engage in the creative part, but we organize a speaker for your text. We charge 1.500€ for this service and return the payment in form of additional advertisement volume.
  2. We connect you with spot production companies and you can get individual quotes from them. In general, the production cost is between 5.000-20.000 € depending on your requirements.


The success of a spot is highly related to the attention it can create. This does not have to be directly related to budget, but rather to your (or your agencies) creative input.

How does the calculation of the revenue share component work?

In most cases, we agree on a revenue share of 8-15% of the revenue in the month of the campaign + optional aftermath to arrive at the calculated total revenue share (it’s an individual agreement, related to the past performance & forecast). If the forecast is not fully reached, we receive only the agreed percentage.

What are the costs of the TV campaign?

The Startup TV Package Austria is available in 3 different discount levels starting at TV Volume of 44.000€ at maximum total cost of 18.000€, of which only 6k is cash and 12k is revenue. Fill out the interest form here to get more details!

How much time do we need to invest?

Filling out the simple form takes only around 10 minutes. We’ll schedule a call in the following 2 weeks to dive deeper into what you’re looking for and how we can make it happen.

The time needed for setting up the campaign is very individual. If a suitable spot already exists, it will take around 4-5 weeks until we’re ready to run your TV campaign.