Since 2009 Pioneers is supporting, developing and co-creating innovation with entrepreneurs and corporate innovators. With vast experience in strategy development, venture execution and 30+ pre-seed startup investments, we are one of Europe’s leading strategic innovation consulting and startup ecosystem players.

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Innovation Services

We lead you through your innovation journey.

Develop a long-term innovation strategy

  • Define innovation fields of play
  • Uncover customer jobs-to-be-done
  • Define value creation paths

Set up a strong innovation environment

  • Build an ambidextrous organization
  • Foster a culture of innovation
  • Create innovation transparency

Execute and build new businesses

  • Increase speed-to-market
  • Test continuously to ensure value
  • Prepare ventures for scaling

Reference Cases

Learn how we made our clients pioneer.

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Intrapreneurship Program

3 years venture development
3 new business streams
7+ tested pilots
3 launched new products
1000+ end customers reached

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Innovation Lab Setup

2 new projects started within 100 days
2 training days implemented
400+ ideas developed
200+ customers interviews
1 new product already on the market

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Open Innovation Challenge

Innovation topics defined
8 top startups scouted
8 design sprints implemented
2 scale-ups selected
2+ ongoing partnerships

Selection of our clients


We come from the startup scene.

50% of our team has founded a startup or worked for +2 years in an innovative company. We know how innovative business models can be developed, tested and implemented through startup tools and methods.

We have a global reach.

For 9+ years we have delivered innovation outcomes across various industries and countries. As a result, we have a global network of startups, experts and partners across 50+ countries.

We deliver results.

During all our projects we never lose sight of the important things: Delivering innovation to solve real people’s problems while at the same time returning the investments.

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We are more than a consulting company.

We are part of an innovation ecosystem.

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Corporate Innovation

140+ projects
14+ countries
17,000+ startups & dealflow management software

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120+ crowdinvesting campaigns
200+ startup funding projects
€51 Mio raised

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Startup Investment

Series A & early stage investments
€1 Mio+ co-investments
€50-100k early stage funding

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Coworking Space and Event Location

25,000+ SQM
12+ partner spaces

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Startup Accelator Weekends

On the ground support for startups for 10+ years across 20 countries

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zero21 acceleration program

– designed for early- and seed-stage startups that are striving to boost their business.

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We are part of startup300,
a group of entrepreneurial companies equipped with fundamental services to accelerate your corporate innovation activities.

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