At Pioneers we build a future where organizations have the capabilities to create sustainable value for society and the planet.

We guide companies through their transformation, empower them to unlock their innovation potential, and help them develop and scale innovative products, services, and business models.

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Working on three layers of innovation

Innovation Strategy

We accompany the development of long-term innovation goals and innovation areas.

Innovation Framework

We help to create the right environment and structure for innovations.

Innovation Execution

We implement new ideas and business models and create value for people, planet and the company.

Launched Innovation Initiatives

We believe that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand and are essential for our future. Thus, with Pioneers.Climate we now offer innovation services with a strong focus on sustainability and CO2 footprint reduction.

In 2022 we launched the first multi-corporate venture building platform where teams of different corporates work side-by-side their ventures. Our goal at Pioneers.Peak is to create a corporate startup environment that empowers our clients to quickly launch new business models

Portfolio of references

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Intrapreneurship Program

3 years venture development
3 new business streams
7+ tested pilots
3 launched new products
1000+ end customers reached

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Innovation Lab Setup

2 projects started in 100 days
2 training days implemented
400+ ideas developed
200+ customers interviews
1 new product on the market

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Open Innovation Challenge

Innovation topics defined
8 top startups scouted
8 design sprints implemented
2 scale-ups selected
2+ ongoing partnerships

Strong footprint in many large organizations

Our unique way of consulting

Challenging ourselves and the client

In our work, we always prioritize the impact on people and the planet, continually evaluating and adjusting our strategies to ensure meaningful results.

Thinking and acting entrepreneurially

Born in the startup scene, Pioneers has always been home to explorers and innovators. Today, our team consistently seeks new opportunities for us and our clients.

Hustling and smiling simultaneously

We take on innovation execution at full speed and hands-on. At the same time, we prioritize fun and laughter and a positive mindset in everything we do.


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