Selection of our clients and projects

Intrapreneurship Program

3 years venture development
3 new business streams
7+ tested pilots
3 launched new products
1000+ end customers reached

Innovation Lab Setup

2 projects started within 100 days
2 training days implemented
400+ ideas developed
200+ customers interviews
1 new product already on the market

Open Innovation Challenge

8 innovation topics defined
8 top startups scouted
8 design sprints implemented
2 scale-ups selected
2+ ongoing partnerships

Strategy Scoping

  • Defined the long-term goals for startup collaborations
  • Analyzed the status quo projects and activities
  • Jointly defined the startup collaboration process

Inno Governance Setup

  • Defined the vision and long-term goals of  “Viesure”
  • Set up the resource and team structure
  • Developed a roadmap for first activities

Innovation Fields of Play

  • Analyzed the key tech and startup funding trends in Retail
  • Identified 6 high-potential Tech use cases along the value chain
  • Selected 8 scale-ups for potential collaboration with OBI

Scaleup4Europe Accelerator Program

5 European partners
4 startup labs
45+ scale-ups and startups coached
55+ experts and mentors involved
25+ corporates connected

strabag logo

Intrapreneurship Program

6 missions
100+ intrapreneurs
6 teams coached and tutored
450+ participants in webinars
3 high-potential business concepts

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Internal Startup Contest

3 ideation sessions
100+ employees reached in program
60+ ideas sourced
10+ teams mentored over 3 months
5+ ideas selected for the next stage

Scouting & Bootcamps

4 campuses around the world
150 startups scouted
61 startups coached in bootcamps
20 top startups selected for PoCs
0 dropouts of the accelerator

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Startup Pilot Setup

6 use cases defined
60 top startups scouted
20 collaboration workshops
– Strategic decision guidance
– Support in pilot setup

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Blueprint Startup Bootcamps

3 locations in Europe
30 top startups scouted
– Design of the selection bootcamp
– Top travel startups selected
– Several ongoing partnerships