Meet the Right Partner in Innovation!

To ensure that you have the best networking opportunities,
Pioneers maintains the right balance of startups, investors, corporations
and journalists joining Pioneers Festival on June 1st & 2nd, in Vienna.

In order to join, please choose your ticket, leave your email address
and we’ll get back to you about availability today.

until ticket price increase.

Startup Ticket
November – March 31st

Startups who raised < €3M

2 free tickets


Early-Bird Ticket
November – January 31st

Investors & Corporates



Regular Ticket
February – May 1st

Investors & Corporates

€ 1,290

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Late Ticket

Investors & Corporates

€ 1,490

Coming soon

Tickets include
Access to matchmaking tool and pre-scheduled
1-to-1 meetings
Access to four stages of inspiring
& educational content
Access to both festival days, side-events
& after parties (incl. food & beverage)
*Prices do not include VAT

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