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Serendipity meets Science

How do you find your perfect match?

Pioneers heaves with opportunity, but getting in front of that startup, company or investor who can change your world is always the challenge. The more our events grow, the harder it is to pick out the people you absolutely have to meet.

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Check out the Schedule

Well, Match & Meet is the answer! You can view the entire schedule of sessions at our events, and start building a collection of quality meetings with like-minded people around it.

View your top matches

Match & Meet uses advanced algorithms to scour the thousands-strong invite list, crunch their data and suggest people whose goals align with yours. View your top matches or search attendees by specific criteria.

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Request & accept meetings

Take a close look at any attendee’s profile. And if you like what you see, request a pre-arranged meeting with them! You might also be accepting invites of your own on Match & Meet…


Make the very most of your day

Take on the event armed with your own personalised Match & Meet agenda and a bunch of promising one-on-ones: good luck!

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Get your ticket and let’s find the people
you absolutely have to meet at Pioneers Festival!

Tip: Your matches will be more accurate if your profile is thoroughly completed.