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June 1 & 2, 2017
Hofburg Imperial Palace | Vienna

Fuel Innovation

Meet the 500 most promising early-stage startups.

Why attend?


The Pioneers Match & Meet tool will suggest people you need to meet at Pioneers Festival, according to your pre-set preferences. The tool will also select the timing and location of the meeting based on availability. It is as easy as click, click, done.


Four stages will showcase the latest tech trends and solutions. 100+ speakers will share knowledge, including case studies of how the world’s largest companies successfully embraced startup-driven innovation.


50 startups from the Pioneers500 will be selected to pitch their products and services, during the two days of festival, to an audience of executives, investors, and journalists.


100 startups from the Pioneers500 will be selected to exhibit at Pioneers Festival for free in a themed exhibition area designed to portray the way humans will interact with future technology.


30+ evening side events will give you the chance to network with attendees focusing on a specific industry or technology, whilst enjoying beautiful Vienna by night.

Regular Ticket
February 1st – May 18th


until price goes up.

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The quality of connection we made at Pioneers Festival was impressive.

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Collaborating with Pioneers enabled us to connect with top caliber startups throughout Europe and beyond.

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Pioneers Festival is like time travel to the near future.

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One of the most vibrant, young and exciting entrepreneurial scenes in the world!

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500 innovation opportunities


70+ international startup accelerators partner with us and recommend their best early-stage startups to be part of Pioneers500.


3500+ early-stage tech startups apply to attend Pioneers Festival every year.


The 500 most promising startups are selected for Pioneers500 to meet with executives, investors, and journalists at Pioneers Festival.

Serendipity meets Science

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