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June 1 & 2, 2017
Hofburg Imperial Palace | Vienna

Where tech founders, investors,
and executives

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2 electric days of engineered pre-scheduled premium networking, first-hand tech founder stories,
collaboration insights unveiled, and a hell of a show.
– all happening at the prestigious Hofburg Imperial Palace,
located right in the city center of Vienna.

Who attended the past five Pioneers Festivals

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Pioneers provided an accurate and valuable overview of the current global innovative trends.

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Pioneers is taking a great step into helping us understand and prepare for future challenges.

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A gathering of the most innovative startups from all around the world.

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A great tech festival with a wonderful option for high level networking!

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We engineer your
business opportunities.

See the benefits of attending as a startup, an investor or an executive.

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If you are an early-stage startup, have less than 3M funding and work on a digital/hardware solution you can attend, pitch, and exhibit for free.

We offer 2 free tickets to 500 innovative startups.

grow your business
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We ease up your deal-flow by bringing you the most promising 500 international early-stage startups for 2 days at the festival.

Benefit from our engineered matchmaking tool and find your next investment.

Boost deal-flow
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Partner with small but relentless innovative players from your industry and disrupt the future together.

Expose your company to the future and network with innovative startups from your industry in a 1-1 meeting set-up.

fuel innovation
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Probably highest density of game changers in tech per m2.

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Electric atmosphere.

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Startups look to Vienna as the next big thing.

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Something we need more of in Europe.

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Who spoke on stage
and left us speachless.

A selection of past speakers.

Mate Rimac

Rimac Automobili

Christian von Koenigsegg


Danny Kim

Lit Motors

Dirk Ahlborn


Georg Koppetz


Frédéric Mazella


Stefan Klein

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Take a small bite of the energy.

Watch recaps from the last 3 festivals

Pioneers Festival 2014

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Pioneers Festival 2016

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Thank you for being a pioneer!

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