Take a look at SPEED NETWORKING for Startups on MAY 29 >

We have raised the bar with networking opportunities at Pioneers Festival:
Pioneers offered a room dedicated for our participants to join one of our 15 expert tables on Festival Day 2.
Check out the details below.

Experts & Topics

15 prime experts will be hosting a table on selected topics throughout the second day of Pioneers Festival. Among others you’ll find firsthand advice for startups like sales hacks, how to find product market fit, or tipps on funding and negotiation. Sessions will take 60 minutes and only 5 seats are available per expert table.

Steli Efti

Sales hacks for startups

Learn more

Andrei Brasoveanu


Cracking the Series A

Learn more

Carina Namih


Finding Product Market Fit

Learn more

Nuno C. Martins

Global Pioneers

Building global communities

Learn more

Neil Capel


Successful Retention Marketing

Learn more

Thomas Weigel


Giving ideas a unique branding

Learn more

Stephan von Perger

Wellington Partners

Raising money from Venture Capitalists

Learn more

Michael Breidenbruecker


Opportunities & Risks of Corporate Incubation

Learn more

Péter Szántó


Capitalize on Social Data to improve your bottom line

Learn more

Janko Milunovic


Strategy & business model innovation for companies

Learn more

Bryce Keane

Albion Drive

PR for Start-Ups: ‘How To’ without Breaking the Bank

Learn more

Aleksander Tõnnisson

Buildit HW Accelerator

0 to Robot – Building Production Ready Hardware Rapidly

Learn more

Peter Komornik

Unlocking innovation ideas of your employees and customers

Learn more

Arek Wylegalski

Index Ventures

Building and scaling a Fintech startup

Learn more

Julian Zehetmayr


From startup to acquisition

Learn more
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