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Healthcare companies, startups, and tech providers advancing healthcare
with big data analytics, wearables, and machine learning technologies.


EXPLORE 50 highly promising early-stage startups advancing the healthcare industry.

MEET with the right tech founders and innovation executives with Pioneers matchmaking.

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Wednesday • Sep 6th

Informal dinner and a fun activity where tech founders,
investors, innovation executives, and healthcare experts
can get to know each other.


Thursday • Sep 7th

Full day of interactive networking, hands-on workshops,
insightful keynotes, private meetings and
presentations by hand-picked startups.


For the first time really we’re discovering physicians are expressing much more openness and willingness to consider information about their patients coming from DIY devices.

—Ceci Connolly, Leader of PwC’s Health Research Institute


Ryan Bethencourt

Indie Bio

Carina Namih


Daniel Kraft

Singularity University

Walter De Brouwer


Ben Hwang


Manoj Bhargava


Easton LaChappelle

Unlimited Tomorrow


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Cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death with a survival at only 1 out 10. Neurescue is developing a new smart device to multiply this survival. The Neurescue device is a small, computer-controlled balloon catheter that redistributes the blood flow to the organs that need it the most. This enables many more hearts to come back and protects against brain damage. For a 2 min video intro: 40% of people aged 25-74 years die prematurely as a result of heart disease.

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MindMate LTD

MindMate provides an app-based platform, which helps people who live with dementia, their families & carers, to manage their condition and maintain their independence.

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Neuron Guard

Neuron Guard is a life-saving medical device with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of brain damages and improve the life of millions of patients, with significant reduction of healthcare costs. It is made of a disposable cooling collar and a control unit, capable of achieving and maintaining a level of therapeutic hypothermia of the head district directly on the site of the event. In fact, rapidly cooling the brain significantly reduces the extension of the damage. Our vision is to have a Neuron Guard kit in every public place just like the AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) to empower bystanders to immediately react to an emergency. Under this perspective the Neuron Guard device becomes a connected-intelligent device that not only takes care of the patient but also connects the scene with the Emergency Response System, transmitting vital data to improve the readiness and effectiveness of professional intervention.

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Immobilization system: consists of a 3D scanner capable of modeling the exact image of the patient’s limb, and through an exclusive software, generates a personalized custom made splint that is printed by an unique 3D printer. Printing the patient’s immobilization system lasts just 30 seconds. Rehabilitation system: consists of a low frequency electrostimulator that due to the splint’s special shape may be used after two weeks of immobilization, and a software that allows the doctor to pause and monitor the treatment from a distance and the patient to follow it from home with maximum comfort and permanent contact with the doctor.

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Our first App Mindabout automatically collects smartphone-data and: ✓Assesses individual burnout risk ✓Explains influence factors that affect users’ health ✓Enables users to adapt behavior ✓Increases users’ health by changing health awareness

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Polywed is a healthcare information technology company developing the data-driven technology — BioChron — increasing In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) success rates. We are providing fertility clinics with IT service that doubles the efficiency of infertility treatment by helping doctors with personalized treatment planning. According to the data of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, the average IVF live birth rate is 27.0%. BioChron technology increases the average IVF live birth rate up to 60.2%. How does it work? 1. Doctor fills in the online form with the patient's data (OR data can be automatically imported from Health Information Management System). 2. Data processing is performed in the data center. 3. Result is ready in a few hours: it is the set of personalized recommendations, which can be used for better treatment planning. By today, BioChron technology has no comparable analogues. BioChron — Efficient. High-tech. Reliable.

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Sothic Bioscience

We are producing a replacement for a ultra high value sterility testing product that is the foundation of safety in medicine and pharmaceutical industry. Without our in-house tech, the only source for this reagent is the (blue!) blood of horseshoe crabs. This endangered species can not be bred in captivity and is only found at the US North Coast. Even at current harvest rates, the production is unsustainable - and demand is going to grow by 100% in the next 5 years. Our bio-identical replacement product will make the pharma/medical sector independent of seasonal and geographic harvesting restrictions, allow further scaling of production and create new market segments.

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The X.GLU is the world’s first battery-less smartphone enabled glucose meter. The X.GLU offers reliable glucose level measurements with single-use strips in a device which is designed in credit card format. The device communicates and is powered using NFC. Thus, is does not require any batteries, which makes the device maintenance-free. The data is securely transferred to the smartphone app where it can be stored and analyzed in the cloud to provide instant feedback about the treatment process.

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