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May/June 2020

Learn, network and get inspired through interactive online sessions brought to you by our innovation consultants and industry-leading corporate partners.

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Pioneers are passionate about fostering exchange in the innovation ecosystem. The Online Learning Lab is a series of interactive workshops where business professionals get the chance to explore innovation techniques, acquire practical know-how, and learn from best practices on the market. Reserve your spots now and bring your innovation skills to the next level.


May – June 2020

20.5.2020, 14:00-15:30

OKRs – a hype or the secret elixir of innovative companies?

2.6.2020, 16:00-17:30

Post-Corona: transforming your business for resilience

16.6.2020, 16:00-17:30

TechCheck – the 1on1 of coding and software development

30.6.2020, 13:00-14:30

Developing new products from within – digital intrapreneurship at ÖBB

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Target Groups

Intrapreneurs, Innovation Managers,
Business Leaders, Product Developers
and everyone who wants to deepen
their innovation knowledge.

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Each session provides learners with inspiration and
industry insights that can be applied to
your own business-context. The practical
exercises help you try out new tools
and techniques for developing business
and product ideas.

Program Details

More information on each session can be found below.
All sessions are held in English (except for session 4) are free of charge.
There is no pre-required knowledge.
Please sign up as soon as possible to save your spot.

1. OKRs – a hype or the secret elixir of innovative companies?

Format: Live Workshop with a practical exercise
Date: Wednesday 20.5.2020, 14:00-15:30 (CET)

Even though employee engagement is on the rise, a majority of workers are still disengaged, mostly due to a lack of understanding of their company’s strategy and direction as well as their individual contribution to it. How do successful startups manage to become aligned, set goals, and derive individual tasks from them? In this interactive session, we look deeper into the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology and discuss how it’s used (and misused!) by innovative companies to set ambitious goals and track progress.Our guest speakers Johannes Knoll & Roland Mayer from Adidas Runtastic and Johannes Müller from Workpath discuss their experience on the topic. Within the workshop, you get the chance to try out the OKR method for yourself and analyze where you can benefit from it also in large organizations.

2. Post-Corona: transforming your business for resilience

Format: Live Workshop with breakout sessions
Date: Tuesday 2.6.2020, 16:00-17:30 (CET)

The COVID-19 crisis has set the world into a global shock-mode. Business models break down, value chains collapse and lots of companies struggle for survival. On the positive side though, the crisis unveils weaknesses in the systems and enables a new era of post-corona transformation. We need to rethink and innovate our business models and value chains to build companies that are more resilient towards unplanned events. For this reason, Felix from Pioneers welcomes Carsten Hentrich and Michael Pachmajer, authors, lecturers, and founders of d.quarks, the platform for corporate and societal digital transformation. They provide us with a powerful framework that helps us understand the weaknesses in our business model and build a feasible but resilient roadmap for our company with the capabilities needed. This 1.5h session is accompanied by breakout sessions where you apply the learnings to your own company.

3. TechCheck – the 101 of coding and software development

Format: Live Workshop with practical exercises
Date: Tuesday 16.6.2020, 16:00-17:30 (CET)

Have you ever wondered how apps are made, how algorithms work, and what is hidden behind words like HTML, Python, or Java? In our series “TechCheck”, we explain technical topics in an accessible way for business professionals. In this workshop, Pioneers senior consultant and full-stack web developer, Michael Wlaschitz provides an overview of software development. Within the session, you will learn the basics of Front-End and Back-End Development, the workflow of a software team, and modern ways of fast and iterative product design and launch. The workshop includes some practical exercises and provides an ideal starting point into the exciting world of coding!

4. Developing new products from within – digital intrapreneurship at ÖBB

Format: Live Discussion
Date: Tuesday 30.6.2020, 13:00-14:30 (CET)
Language: German

Living a culture of internal innovation is a challenge for many large organizations. Many teams work in silos and inspiring ideas fall through the cracks of daily business obligations. To tackle this, the Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB) has established an intrapreneurship program that uses interdisciplinary sub-group teams and use-cases. As a result, ÖBB creates innovative mindsets and pushes ideas through the use of design thinking methods and applied prototyping, enabling idea concepts to turn into tested prototypes and pilots. In a live discussion, Lisa from Pioneers welcomes Jaqueline Matijevic, ÖBB senior innovation manager, who is talking about the process of designing and running successful intrapreneurship programs and shares her learnings of the last 3 years with several batches, including the new experience of a fully digital intrapreneurship program.

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We’re happy to have the following consultants and experts on board

Carsten Hentrich

Co-Founder & Managing Director, d.quarks

Jaqueline Matijevic

Head of Innovation programs, ÖBB

Michael Pachmajer

Co-Founder & Managing Director, d.quarks

Johannes Müller

CEO, Workpath

Johannes Knoll

Regional Marketing Manager Western Europe, Adidas Runtastic

Roland Mayer

Organizational Developer, Adidas Runtastic

potrait of Harald Federspiel

Harald Federspiel

Manager, Pioneers

Lisa Höllbacher

Senior Innovation Consultant, Pioneers

potrait of Michael Wlaschitz

Michael Wlaschitz

Senior Innovation Consultant, Pioneers

potrait of Barbara Czach

Barbara Czasch

Innovation Consultant, Pioneers


The following consultants and experts will guide you through the sessions

potrait of Felix bellinger

Felix Bellinger

Director Innovation & Strategy, Pioneers

potrait of Anabelle Bockwoldt

Annabelle Bockwoldt

Manager, Pioneers

potrait of Micha Obrist

Michael Obrist

Engagement Manager, Pioneers

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