MAHLE Startup open call

Apply until March 31st, 2019

Future Automotive Interior

MAHLE is searching for startup technologies and new opportunities to enhance the automotive cabin comfort and thus improve the well-being of its passengers. MAHLE will test your technology within their vehicle mock-up to do a PoC.

What is in for you?

You get the possibility to test your solution within the mock-up environment of MAHLE’s test-products in Stuttgart, Germany between May and July and if the trial is successful, you and MAHLE will work on a PoC together.

Startup requirements




Prototype to ready product

Fields of interest

Topic 1: Passenger and Cabin Monitoring

Hardware (e.g. radar technology) or virtual sensors (e.g. sweat or goose bump detection on skin) to detect the heating/cooling/air flow demand either of the entire body or parts of the body

Topic 2: Smart HVAC Control

  • Automated HVAC control, e.g. digital user profiles of passengers driving different vehicle

  • New business models, e.g. concepts for billing of heating and cooling functions

Both could either be within current as well as future cabin conditions, such as autonomous vehicles, and should be independent of moving or rotating seats within the automotive cabin. Passengers should be able to sit or lie in the seats. There could or could not be additional devices.
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