Health Hub Vienna
Health Hub Vienna - Batch #5
March - June 2020

Until Jan 15th

The Health Hub Vienna is looking for later-stage digital health startups to join Batch #5 of its remote acceleration program. Top 10 selected startups will take part in 4 sprints in Vienna engaging with top partners such as Astra Zeneca, Novartis, Uniqa, Boehringer Ingelheim, Egis, Sanofi, Pfizer and many more Austrian ecosystem partners. At the same time, the teams will learn everything about the Austrian market, regulations and certifications and be connected with local and international health investors.

Scouting Areas

Health Hub Vienna is looking for top later stage digital health startups with market-ready products that want to expand their operations to the Austrian market.

Solutions to

manage chronic diseases, Cardio-vascular, metabolic or respiratory diseases, inflammation, immunology and dermatology, oncology, mental health, neurological or infectious diseases, haematology, rare diseases and regenerative medicine.

Support for patients, payers, providers and medical professionals (e.g. improve adherence, prompt lifestyle change, facilitate data recording and treatment plans).

Solution to improve the customer experience journey, facilitate better decision making on treatment & outcomes and improve referral networks.

Concepts for

points of care. (Digital) Technologies for diagnostics, decision support, remote monitoring etc.

May also include process improvements (Electronic Health Records, patient education/information etc.)

We are not looking for „classical“ red biotech or pharmaceutical therapies.

How to

make the healthcare system overall more productive by demonstrating value and improving patient outcomes.

Preventive diagnostics and treatments, telemonitoring, home care & recovery solutions etc.

Collaboration Use Cases

Uniqa and Novartis, the two core partners of Health Hub Vienna, are looking for startups to engage in specific pilot projects to solve the two following use cases:


Use Case 1: Health Kiosk

Drug distribution and telemedicine kiosk in residential complexes.

Supply children or elderly people from central rooms in residential areas.

Potential solution:
A “vending machine” (like the Mc Donalds order system), where you can type in your symptoms and the software is indicating if you need to see a doctor or if homecare is enough. Additionally it could dispense already prescribed medicine (for a doctor), dispense OTC medicine like Aspirin etc.

A “machine” that allows a nurse (or even the patient itself) to do check-ups which are assisted by a remote doctor via VC. Eg. Stethoscope, Otoscope, blood-preasure etc. complexes.


Use Case 2: Stress Identification / Measurement

Easy convenient way to measure individual stress levels.

Accurate way to find out / keep a balanced stress level.

Status Quo:
24h HRV measurements, 3 min HRV measurements , Micro- Expression face recognition.

Potential solution:
An easy convenient way to control and improve stress levels.


Use Case 3: Oncology Decision Support for Improved Value & Outcomes

Demonstrate real world clinical and economic value to support better decisions on treatment options and enable value-based reimbursement in oncology.

Real assessment of the full value a certain medicine brings in terms of medical, patient and societal value and efficiency of the healthcare system on the whole.

Status Quo:
Treatment decisions are based on personal experience, remuneration preferences and short-term cost evaluation. Long-term efficiency is difficult to assess.

Potential solution:
Clinical decision support tool that incorporates real world data from the hospital, patient and broader healthcare system.
Should be able to be implemented by physician, provider or payer.

Health Hub Vienna Partners

Health Hub Vienna is working with a large set of different partners from the Health Ecosystem. Among them are Astra Zeneca, Novartis, Uniqa, Boehringer Ingelheim, Egis, Pfizer, Sanofi and many more Austrian organizations ready to engage with the participating startups.


Boehringer Ingelheim










Vienna Bio Center

Benefits of participation

Tap into a large health ecosystem

Health Hub Vienna unites some of the top health companies, public organizations and support partners.

Co-develop the solution of the future

Partners are looking for startups to co-develop, pilot and bring products together to the market.

Expenses Covered

Health Hub Vienna covers all expenses for travels to come to the four tow-days sprints in Vienna.

Structured program in 4 two-days sprints

Don't waste time in mandatory sessions but get condensed and intense offering in only 4 sprints of two days.
Want to participate as a Startup?

If it sounds like just the right thing for you, then apply now!
Travel costs and Accommodation will be covered for all participants.
1-2 participants per team


For more info about past batches and partners visit Health Hub Vienna website.

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