Hackathon Series

Devising solutions to solve industry needs

The Hackathon Series brings together the brightest minds to generate new solutions for partner companies in specific industries. Top developers, with the support and guidance from company and industry experts, will have the chance to build prototypes solving industry challenges in 48 hours!

Four Industry-Focused

Mobility.Pioneers Hackathon Series

Munich, Germany

Exploring the future of mobility as startups build prototypes that will enable the transportation of goods and people to become more intelligent and sustainable.
Retail.Pioneers Hackathon Series

Berlin, Germany

Disrupting and advancing the retail sector with personal recognition, artificial intelligence, and consumer analytics technologies.
Industry.Pioneers Hackathon Series

Linz, Austria

Unlocking the potential of new technologies that are driving the fourth industrial revolution and shaping the future of smart manufacturing.
Logistics.Pioneers Hackathon Series

Vienna, Austria

Virtual storage rooms, physical internet, blockchains auditing supply chains - hack one of the most competitive industries in the world.

Success Story From Previous Hack

Industry 4.0 Hackathon
6-8 November 2017, Linz

“I was really surprised with the good results we saw within just a few hours here. There’s so much to learn, it’s really good to look outside the usual places to find it. A hackathon gives a really good overview of what possibilities are on the market.”

Head of Innovation, Wienerberger

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Host Your Challenge:

As a corporate partner, solve a real-life challenge facing your company by giving hand-picked startups the opportunity to build prototypes just for you! Here’s what you get:

 • Work with 80 Top Minds
 • Benefit from +3800 Hours of R&D
 • Get 20 Prototypes
 • Receive Ideation & Innovation Input
 • Position your Brand in the Startup Ecosystem

Hack Along:

As a startup/ developer, make an impact on a company and industry by putting your mind and skills to good use by solving real industry challenges! Here’s what you get:

 • Collaborate with industry leaders
 • Show and improve your skills
 • Win exciting awards
 • Broaden your network
 • Learn about a new industry

How it works

Hackathon partners define a challenge in a moderated workshop. From challenge setup to event management, Pioneers has everything covered. For each partner and challenge Pioneers’ analysts will specifically scout for startups and invite the most promising startups around company needs.
With teams of 2 -3 people, and supported by corporate and industry representatives, hacking will occur over the course of 2.5 days (with time for meals, networking and a little fun too).
The hackathon will culminate in a pitching session, with the winners chosen by juries and industry experts. Prototypes created during the hackathon can result in follow-up projects, be developed further or used as a starting point for innovation.

Final Pitches



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