Greiner Ideation Hackathon

October 17-19, 2018 - WeXelerate,Vienna

Apply until September 22nd, 2018

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"Plastic Products and Printed Electronics"

The goal of the Greiner Hackathon is to generate the best ideas and business use cases leveraging printed electronic technology in combination with plastic products made by Greiner. To achieve this goal, Greiner will host an Ideation Hackathon, where participants (startups, students, innovators, entrepreneurs) will develop new and innovative concepts with the collaboration of a group of Greiner industry experts. During 48 hours, teams will compete to create actionable, scalable and feasible concepts primarily for the following industries:

Greiner Packaging

Greiner Packaging is one of Europe’s leading packaging producers for food (yoghurt cups, lids, bottles, containers, plastic-cardboard combinations, trays & boxes) and non-food clients (chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries).

Learn more: Greiner Packaging video . Greiner Packaging website

Greiner Bio One

Greiner Bio One has global operations in the fields of bio-technology, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and medical & in vitro diagnostics. The product range includes products for taking human specimens (e.g. blood, urine, saliva) and for analytics (e.g. analysis of cell cultures) for use in clinics, labs and medical practices.

Learn more: Greiner Bio One video . Greiner Bio One website

Areas of Idea Generation

Driving Innovation for Greiner through Printed Electronics!

Therefore, we are looking for innovative applications in the fields of:

1. Rigid food packaging and retail applications

2. Bio-medical business (diagnostics and laboratory use).

Best Innovative ideas have to combine:


The ideas should be scalable, feasible and adaptable (e.g. high-volume manufacturing, european/global roll-out, multi-client use, etc).


The ideas have to create/add value to existing Greiner products (e.g. make existing products smart, create new product opportunities, improve the value chain, create USP for B2B or end-user customer).


The ideas must be in line with Greiner core capabilities (e.g. leverage existing technologies or customer base).

Disruptive ideas are welcome!

The Disruptive Technology We Are Going To Hack

Printed electronics is currently one of the fastest growing technologies as it is related to a diverse group of industries that include healthcare, automotive and packaging applications. Printed electronics involves the use of a conductive ink that is printed on plastic, paper, glass or textiles. When compared to conventional electronics, printed electronics utilizes extremely thin, flexible and transparent electronic components that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Examples of this innovative technology include Touch Sensors, flexible displays, smart packaging and Point-of-Care Diagnostic tools, in addition to many other uses.

We enthusiastically invite you to apply to the Greiner Hackathon. There you can share those ideas with us that utilize the concept of printed electronics in combination with the production of our diverse product portfolio. Your ideas will help us to lead Greiner to the forefront of innovation in the future! We are very looking forward to work with you!

These are the main benefits when Hacking for Greiner:

Learning Experience

You can absorb a lot of knowledge and innovative approaches, take these insights home and replicate in their endeavour.

Winning Prize and Certificates

The winning team will receive € 5.000,- in prize money, the second € 3.000,- and the third receives € 1.000,-. The teams with the most promising ideas will receive an offer from Greiner for further cooperation opportunities.

Solve Real World Challenge

It’s a great chance to expand network, ask for advice and to interact one-on-one with expert mentors, who will follow and support.

All-inclusive Package

Greiner will provide finger food and vitamin drinks. Transfer and accomodation will also be covered.

Test your Skills and Receive Feedback

Get to experience something which is quite similar to the product cycles of a company. This helps to build time management skills, technical know-how and cross-functional skills.

Network & Mentoring

It’s a great chance to expand network, ask for advice and to interact one-on-one with expert mentors, who will follow and support.
Want to participate as a startup, student or with your team?

If it sounds like just the right thing for you, then apply now!

Amongst all applications received, the top teams will have the possibility to co-create and hack the challenge. No worries if you're a lone fighter, we will match your skills with complementary peers.


How it Works

Top innovators, with the support and guidance from company and industry experts, will have the chance to create business applications and solve the Ideation Hackathon challenge in 48 hours!

15:00 - Registration
16:30 - Welcome by Greiner CEO
16:45 - Opening by Pioneers Discover
17:00 - Challenges Presentation
17:30 - Mentor Presentation
18:00 - Teams Presentation
18:15 - Idea Brainstorm
19:30 - Food & Networking
20:30 - Open End Creation Time
09:00 - Morning Energizer Activity
11:30 - Mentor Sessions
12:30 - Lunch Break & Networking
15:00 - Mentor Sessions
18:00 - Food & Networking
19:00 - Open End Creation Time
08:30 - Morning Energizer Activity
09:00 - Pitch Training Workshop by Daniel Cronin
10:00 - Pitch Preparations
13:00 - Lunch Break
14:00 - Final Pitches to Expert Jury
15:30 - Jury Meeting
16:15 - Winners' Announcement
16:30 - Celebration & Networking


weXelerate, Main Event Room

Praterstrasse 1, 1020 Vienna

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