Digital Metals AI Hackathon
Digital Metals AI Hackathon
January 16-17, 2020 @ Talent Garden Vienna

Until Sunday, 15th of December

The goal of the Digital Metals AI Hackathon is to generate the best ideas and create new solutions in a rapid prototyping format. To achieve this goal, voestalpine and Primetals will host a Hackathon, where participants (startups, innovators) will develop new and innovative solutions around four use case. During 48 hours, teams will compete to create the best solutions for four use cases.

High Performance Metals Division of voestalpine

The High Performance Metals Division of voestalpine is focused on producing and processing high-performance materials and customer-specific services including heat treatment, high-tech surface treatments, and additive manufacturing processes increasingly using digital technology. The division is the global market leader for tool steel and a leading provider of high-speed steel, valve steel, and other products made of special steels, as well as powder materials, nickel-based alloys, titanium, and components produced using also additive manufacturing technologies. Learn more: voestalpine Website

Primetals Technologies

Primetals Technologies is a joint venture of Siemens, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and partners based on over 60 years of innovation in the field of metals production. Primetals Technologies is continually pioneering new solutions to provide metals producers with cutting-edge, custom-tailored plant equipment with a focus on new ecological solutions, the digitalization of all production-related processes, Industry 4.0, future-oriented designs for linked casting and rolling, as well as advanced process analysis and optimization.
Learn more: Primetals Website

Bring together industry leaders
and the brightest minds from the startup world

Solve specific challenges
for voestalpine and Primetals

Identify potential collaboration opportunities
between startups and hackathon partners

Develop prototypes
for voestalpine and Primetals within 48 hours

Develop new solutions
for the future of global leading industrial companies.

Hackathon Topics

Digital Metals AI Hackathon encompasses changes along the whole value chain leading to the higher efficiency and flexibility. At the Hackathon startups have an opportunity to make a step into the future by solving specific real-life challenges of partner companies.


Use Case 1: Automatic Generation of Requisitions

The goal of the challenge is to develop a solution that can predict or identify demand for materials and services. The solution will create purchasing requisitions from these demands or notify the user to capture a purchase requisition. This could be based on historical data (previous requisitions, orders, forecasted demand based on production orders and sales forecasts) and/or on the current availability (or lack of availability) of materials in the plant.

Current Problem
Currently, a large amount of time is invested to identify demand for material and services and to manually enter purchasing requisitions. This is often done too late for timely procurement and is a lot of manual work (up to 70,000 requisitions per year at a large production site).


Use Case 2: Measuring Steel Pieces with a Mobile App

The goal of the challenge is to use to develop an App for iOS (or Android) that uses (camera or video) for dimension-measuring for steel parts. The App could use one or more photos or live video to measure the 3 dimensions of rectangular voestalpine steel pieces.

Current Problem
Currently, measuring 3 dimensions with a tape measure and typing them in via a small keyboard is time-consuming, leads to mistakes and frustration.


Use Case 1: Digital Twin Interaction & Visualization

The goal of the challenge is to develop a “user and customer experience”, this means a Visualization & Interaction – interface. The Digital Twin of the Primetals product Endless Strip Production (ESP) is a comprehensive simulation including the plant itself (Digital Twin of the Plant, e.g. CAD Files), the production process (Digital Twin of the Process) and the produced product (steel grade) with its properties (Digital Twin of the Material). The simulations – as well as the automation on the real plant - are based on physical and data-based models provided by Primetals.
ESP promotion video voestalpine Website

Current Problem
No known digital visualization solutions (except classical HMIs) exists that can fulfill requirements.


Use Case 2: AI-based Information Crawler

The goal of the challenge is to develop an AI-powered tool or service which automatically scans, evaluates and summarizes relevant sources externally (www, scientific/technical journals) and internally (internal documents on share points, databases etc). The content should be defined by respective users in an easy to manage way by combining keywords, context, specific technologies, company names etc.

Current Problem
The portfolio of Primetals is very large, complex and very specialized. Technology, Competitor, IP screening and monitoring is mainly done manually and on-demand.

Potential parts of the solution

1.) Automatic and timely generation of SAP requisitions for material or services.

2.) If full automation is not possible then use available technology to support the user to identify demand to trigger manual entry.

Potential parts of the solution

1.) As an iOS (or Android) App. The solution has to work on the production site.

2.) It must be portable and practical, the usage of tripods is not possible.

3.) The App could use one or more photos (combined from different angels) or live video to measure.

4.) The use of reference materials (e.g. markers, stickers, plastic bars) or other hardware is possible.

Potential parts of the solution

1.) Virtual walk through the plant and plant operation training by the Visualization Interface (“ Flight Simulator”) based on the Digital Twin simulation (e.g. 3D visualization, Gaming Industry Concepts, VR, AR, MR applications or similar).

2) Assistance systems (e.g. Data Glass, Tablets, Mobiles) that allow to display information originating from live data or out of the Digital Twin. Information should be displayed according to the real or virtual position in the plant.

CAD Files of the plant as well as Interfaces and Data will be available for Hackathon.

Potential parts of the solution

1.) Systematic and periodic search with a software and content/context management tool taking many kinds of information sources as a basis (including pictures, videos). The source includes search engines, databases, documents on SharePoint, outlook/mail data if available, social media, video portals, conference proceedings.

2.) Language English (also German if possible).

3.) Results that provide a list with a concise summary and link to detailed information, e.g. contact data summary, ratings. Possibility of comments and automatic storage of documents in defined folders.

4.) Automatic monthly report delivery.

Benefits of participation

Get connected with industry leaders

You can absorb a lot of knowledge and innovative approaches, take these insights home and replicate in their endeavour.

Winning Prize

The winning team for each use case will receive € 3.000,- in prize money. There will be an audience prize as well. The teams with the most promising ideas will receive the opportunity to discuss with voestalpine and Primetals for further cooperation opportunities.

Co-develop the solution of the future

It’s a great chance to expand network, ask for advice and to interact one-on-one with expert mentors, who will follow and support.

Expenses Covered

Pioneers will provide food and drinks over the whole time of the hackathon - this will make every developer heart jump higher. You will also get an accommodation and travel voucher (please see FAQs for more details).

Business Development and Collaboration

Get the experience of challenging your product or solution within a new industry or use case - if you can prove your skills this is the perfect opportunity to interact with new potential partners.
Want to participate as a Startup?

If it sounds like just the right thing for you, then apply now!
Travel costs and Accommodation will be covered for all participants.
2-3 participants per team.

Please see FAQs for more details.

Amongst all applications received, the top teams will have the possibility to co-create and hack the challenge!



The Hackathon consists of 2 phases. We start with a virtual meeting few days before the Hackathon to enable everyone for the event on-site with the needed information. In the second phase the actual Hackathon in Vienna takes place.

Pre-Hackathon: Virtual Meeting

11:30 - Virtual kickoff
12:00 - voestalpine Use Case 1
12:30 - voestalpine Use Case 2

1st Hackathon Day

08:30 - Registration
09:00 - Opening by Pioneers
09:30 - Morning Energizer Activity
10:00 - Development Session
12:00 - Lunch
18:00 - Dinner
Open End Development Time!

2nd Hackathon Day

08:00 - Development Time
09:30 - Morning Energizer Activity
12:00 - Lunch
15:00 - Final Pitches to Expert Jury
16:30 - Final Pitches to Expert Jury
17:30 - Jury Meeting
17:45 - Winners Announcement
18:00 - Networking & drinks


Why should you participate? How do you apply?
Check the answers of these and more questions at our FAQs section.


Success Story From Previous Hackathons

The Grand Finale
6-8 November 2017, Linz

“I was really surprised with the good results we saw within just a few hours here. There’s so much to learn, it’s really good to look outside the usual places to find it. A hackathon gives a really good overview of what possibilities are on the market.”

Head of Innovation, Wienerberger

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