Driving Corporate Innovation

Pioneers Discover shapes the future of corporates by introducing entrepreneurial tools, methods and culture.

Why Innovators Succeed

Innovation is a key element of corporate growth and requires the right combination of people, processes and technologies. Corporates may have the capital and resources, but often lack the agility, experimental culture and tech expertise of startups and outside experts that are essential for innovation success.


70+ collaboration projects on an international scale.


A team of corporate innovation and startup specialists.


A network of 13,000+ high-potential early stage startups.

Major Industries

Covering 7 major industries, grouping them into ecosystems.

Service Bundles

Tailored programs for startup-driven innovation (3-6 months in length). The following were developed to meet the different innovation needs of client organizations. They comprise a specific range of products tailored to your exact innovation needs & objectives.

Startup Collaboration Program

A tailor-made program that uncovers future business opportunities, identifies the right startups and means of collaboration to result in a prototype and pilot.

Accelerator / Incubator Program

A guided program that brings top startups to the company in order to bring innovative solutions to life,while fostering the startups’ own growth and development.

Intrapreneurship Lab

An in-house innovation program that brings together intrapreneurs & startups, and guides them from ideation to development of new products.

Open Innovation Platform

A digital tool & holistic process to generate new ideas from employees, clients and startups, and implement the best ones into the business.

Product Formats

Range of products to kick-off startup-driven innovation. The following are effective first ‘Lighthouse Projects’ that create awareness, promote an entrepreneurial mindset and bring innovation support into your organization.


Allow startups to hack your products and develop prototypes within 48 hours:
- Ideation Hackathon
- Problem-solving Hackathon

Innovation Day

Inspire and mobilize the whole organization around startups and innovation

Startup & Tech Reports

Get insightful startup profiles and understand the future of your industry

Startup Trainings & Networking

Learn how startups operate and identify opportunities for collaboration:
- Startup 101 Workshop
- Startup Collaboration Workshop
- Startup Tools Training

Success Stories

Wish for your own startup collaboration success story?
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