Smart Mobility Prototyping Days


Until June 6th, 2019

Wien Energie and Upstream Mobility are looking for top startups, developer and student teams to help them solve today's and tomorrow's mobility challenges.Pioneers Discover brings together the brightest minds to unlock the potential of new technologies that are shaping the future of smart mobility. The two partners will host real-life challenges and participants (startups, developers, students, entrepreneurs) will develop new prototypes in the rapid prototyping days.


Talent Garden Vienna,
Liechtensteinstraße 111-115,
1090 Vienna


#1 Remote Kick-off: June 17th
#2 Remote Prototyping: June 18th-26th
#3 Pitching Day: June 27th

Use Cases

Wien Energie and Upstream Mobility developed each one real-life use cases to be worked on:

Wiener Energie

E-Mobility App

Wien Energie is looking for top startups to develop a prototype for their new e-mobility app. The goal is to offer Wien Energie's customers a combined service of e-mobility and photovoltaics in order to improve customer experience. The new e-mobility app should enable the customer to use his fed electricity of the PV plant via a virtual account at any electric charging station from Wien Energie.The current e-mobility app will be used solely as an inspirational starting point so that teams can come up with the newest features, customer friendly functionalities and create a combined service of e-mobility and photovoltaic plants.
Get the chance to win € 3,000 and the potential opportunity to collaborate with Wien Energie.

About Wien Energie
Wien Energie is the biggest Austrian energy provider serving around two million people. Next, to supplying electricity, natural gas, and heating, their activities also include waste recycling, providing energy-related advice and services, facility management, and telecommunications.

Upstream Mobility

Transport Mode Detection

Upstream Mobility is looking for top startups and student groups to develop a prototype for a transport mode detection system.Their goal is to offer the optimal mobility solution for the citizens of Vienna. Upstream Mobility will provide data including a sequence of LAT/LONG coordinate points with timestamps that show a multimodal daily history of an anonymous person.The challenge is to assign each data point to the correct & detailed classification of transport mode (i.e. Car, Bus line, Tramline, Tube line, Bike, Scooter etc).
Get the chance to win € 3,000 and the potential opportunity to collaborate with Upstream Mobility.

About Upstream Mobility
Upstream Mobility is owned by Vienna’s public infrastructure providers Wiener Linien and Wiener Stadtwerke. Their vision is to ensure access to mobility for everyone. In order to achieve this vision, they develop the digital infrastructure for tomorrows’ non-discriminatory transport system and offer it to cities and commercial suppliers worldwide.


1. Apply

via the online form to take part in the competition until June 6th

2. Develop a prototype

during the remote rapid prototyping days from June 18th-26th

3. Pitch at the finals

in Talent Garden Vienna as one of 10 finalists on June 27th.

The pre-selection and criteria

In order to be eligible to apply for the Smart Mobility Prototyping Days, your startup or team has to meet the following criteria:

#1 Technology

Knowledge & skills for the Wien Energie use-case in native app development.
For Upstream Mobility use-case in (geospatial) data analytics, AI or machine learning.

#2 Stage

Pre-seed, Seed or Series A (preferably with working product and/or experience in the relevant industry, field and technology).

#3 Location

Europe (preferably in DACH region)

Startups are preselected by


If it sounds like just the right thing for you, then apply now!

Amongst all applications received, the top teams will have the possibility to co-create and hack the challenge.

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