MVM Hackathon
powered by Smart Future Lab

8-9th October 2019, Budapest

Until September 20th, 2019

MVM Hackathon powered by Smart Future Lab brings together the brightest minds to unlock the potential of new technologies that are driving innovation. As a member of the MVM Group, Smart Future Lab provides support to different subsidiaries to innovate and identify market gaps. The goal of the hackathon is to solve transformational challenges by inspiring ideas of startups. To achieve this goal, Smart Future Lab will host 3 real-life challenges and participants will develop new concepts and solutions for MVM in a hybrid format.

Bring together the brightest minds from the startup world

Solve specific challenges
of MVM.

Identify potential collaboration opportunities
with MVM.

Develop solutions for MVM
in a hybrid format.

Initiate a POC project
with the biggest utility company in Hungary.

Hackathon Challenges

At the MVM Hackathon startups have the opportunity to shape the future of MVM by solving real life challenges in different sub-industries.


Topic: E-Charging Stations

The goal of the challenge is to develop a solution which provides significant value to (all) e-mobility users (existing or new ones). This includes the expansion of the e-charging infrastructure network and its digital encompassing. It should be a comprehensive solution to support e-mobility in Hungary and can be widely identified. Solutions should enable customers to book/search/use e-charging stations/infrastructure and potentially educate customers about e-mobility. Solutions that use data driven concepts to increase the number of e-charging stations and decide the best locations in terms of traction are highly welcomed.

Potential parts of the solution:
- Location identification for charger
- Increase electricity capacity
- Low installation and maintenance cost
- Consultancy on the legislative process
- Monitoring & analytics of use
- Connected activities during charging

- E-mobility
- Energy Storage Tech
- App development
- Station Network infrastructure
- Location detection
- Capacity analytics
- Information and education on e-mobility


Topic: Transformer Performance Measurement

NKM Áramhálózati Kft. has extensive measurements on medium voltage. However, the capacity to measure the performance for medium / low voltage (distribution) transformers and low-voltage distribution networks is missing. Only a few transformers are equipped with meters which are not measuring loads at all. This causes unpredictable overloads where loads exceed nominal power. This results in decreased life expectancy and potential power outages. Until now there is no solution in place.

Potential parts of the solution:
- Simultaneous performance measurement of 13.000 transformers to avoid overloads.
- Ability to send automatic warning when crossing certain overload limits (+ 10/20%)
- Data collection and prediction of occuring overloads
- Price sensitive
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor
- Connectivity to a SCADA system

- Predictive Analytics
- Predictive Maintenance
- Sensor
- Energy Measurement
- Energy tracking
- Hardware & Software


Topic: Virtual Client Support

NKM is looking for a virtual client support solution to establish a virtual interaction between the company’s support service staff and clients across the country. This solution should fulfil two things: It is an automated digital tool for self service in physical support centers so that clients can handle standard issues themselves via an online interface. In case this is not possible or clients need extra support it should additionally offer a virtual client support service, which connects the client online with a support staff. This should serve as a digital service touchpoint to level out uneven utilization of NKM service center employees across the world

Potential parts of the solution:
- Virtual interaction with remote support service staff
- SAP integration on a regional/local level
- Bridges the geographical distance between the client and the clerk
- Real time customer service with double sided document sharing - additional peripherals available on request
- It does not require any technical expertise on the customer side
- Service can display multimedia content
- Cost effective personalized customer service
- Data communication over an encrypted network, high level of data security
- White label solution for a customizable product

- Virtual client support solution
- Virtual client interaction with remote support staff
- Digital tool for self service
- Digital service touchpoint
- Data communication over an encrypted network, high level of data security
- White label solution for a customizable product
- Document sharing
- User friendly design - low digital threshold

The Disruptive Industry is How We Create it

We are entering a new area of paradigm shifts, the energy industry is increasingly under pressure to find and implement technologies in order to adapt their existing business models. Facing an increasing energy demand but raised environmental awareness as well as emerging technologies the industry is looking for innovative solutions to discover new business models and solve existing challenges.

Benefits of participation

Learning Experience

You will absorb a lot of knowledge and innovative approaches, enabling you to take these learnings home and replicate them in your own endeavours.

Awards and certificates

The winner of each challenge is awarded EUR 1000 price money. The overall challenge winner will also win a care package from Pioneers. Furthermore, there is the chance for a follow up pilot program, an optional future collaboration and a mentoring and support program.

Real World Challenges

Work on real problems and expand your network by working with mentors who will guide and support you in the process.


You will be provided with food and drinks over the whole time of the Hackathon - this will make every developers heart jump higher.

Business Development

Get the experience of challenging your product or solution within a new industry or use case - if you can prove your skills this is the perfect opportunity to interact with new potential partners.

Network & Mentoring

It’s a great chance to expand your network, ask for advice and feedback and to interact one-on-one with expert mentors.
If it sounds like just the right thing for you, then apply now!

Amongst all applications received, the top teams will have the possibility to co-create and hack the challenge. No worries if you're a lone fighter, we will match your skills with complementary peers.



The event will take 2 days and involves startup teams and MVM mentors. For the final pitches we invite the MVM management as well as all interested employees to take part and get a grasp of the innovation vibe.

You will receive the data a week prior to the event in order to prepare for the use cases.
A day of workshops. feedback and 1-on-1 mentoring sessions will help you fine-tune your prepared solution.
Pitch your final solution to the management of MVM and get valuable feedback. Winners will be announced and follow-on collaboration steps discussed.


Why should you participate? How do you apply?
Check the answers of these and more questions at our FAQs section.


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