Smart Future Lab Hackathon

16-18 September 2019, Budapest

Until August 26th, 2019

Smart Future Lab Hackathon brings together the brightest minds to unlock the potential of new technologies that are driving innovation. As a member of the MVM Group, Smart Future Lab provides support to different subsidiaries to innovate and identify market gaps. The goal of the Hackathon is to solve transformational challenges and create new solutions in a rapid prototyping format. To achieve this goal, Smart Future Lab will host 4 real-life challenges and participants (startups, students, innovators, entrepreneurs) will develop new prototypes in only 48 hours.

Bring together industry leaders
and the brightest minds from the startup world

Solve specific challenges
of partner companies and organizations

Identify potential collaboration opportunities
between startups and hackathon partners

Develop prototypes
for the company within 48 hours

Develop new solutions
Initiate a PoC project with the biggest utility company in Hungary

Hackathon Topics

Smart Future Lab is supporting different subsidiaries in innovating their businesses and make them ready for future changes. At the Hackathon startups have the opportunity to shape the future of MVM by solving real life challenges in different sub-industries.

















The Disruptive Industry is How We Create It

We are entering a new area of paradigm shifts, the energy industry is increasingly under pressure to find and implement technologies in order to adapt their existing business models. Facing an increasing energy demand but raised environmental awareness as well as emerging technologies the industry is looking for innovative solutions to discover new business models and solve existing challenges.

Benefits of participation

Learning Experience

You will absorb a lot of knowledge and innovative approaches, take these insights home and replicate in their endeavour.

Winning Prize and Certificates

The winner of each challenge will win a personal award from the partner company. The overall hackathon winner will furthermore win a care package from Pioneers including a ticket for Pioneers´19 as well as a year pass for the co-working space at Factory300.

Solve Real World Challenges

It’s a great chance to expand network, ask for advice and to interact one-on-one with expert mentors, who will follow and support.

Care Package

Pioneers will provide food and drinks over the whole time of the hackathon - this will make every developer heart jump higher. You will also get an accommodation voucher.

Business Development and Collaboration

Get the experience of challenging your product or solution within a new industry or use case - if you can prove your skills this is the perfect opportunity to interact with new potential partners.

Network & Mentoring

It’s a great chance to expand network, ask for advice and to interact one-on-one with expert mentors, who will follow and support.
If it sounds like just the right thing for you, then apply now!

Amongst all applications received, the top teams will have the possibility to co-create and hack the challenge. No worries if you're a lone fighter, we will match your skills with complementary peers.



The event will take 2,5 days and involves startup teams and MVM mentors. For the final pitches we invite the MVM management as well as all interested employees to take part and get a grasp of the hackathon vibe.

17:00 - Registration
17:30 - Opening
18:00 - Challenges & Data
18:30 - Meet your Mentor
19:00 - Dinner & Networking
08:00 - Development Time
10:00 - Mentorship Time (Optional)
12:00 - Lunch
16:00 - Feedback Session
18:00 - Dinner & Networking
Open End Development Time!
08:00 - Development Time
12:00 - Lunch
14:00 - Prototypes Presentations
16:00 - Final Pitches to Expert Jury
18:30 - Winners Announcement
19:00 - Networking


Why should you participate? How do you apply?
Check the answers of these and more questions at our FAQs section.



Green Fortune Hungary Kft.

H1039 Budapest

Success Story From Previous Hack

The Grand Finale
6-8 November 2017, Linz

“I was really surprised with the good results we saw within just a few hours here. There’s so much to learn, it’s really good to look outside the usual places to find it. A hackathon gives a really good overview of what possibilities are on the market.”

Head of Innovation, Wienerberger

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