Innovation strategy and strategy services

We offer strategy services for corporates and corporate ventures in the ramp-up and scaling phase

For corporates

  • Mapping of megatrends (market, technology, competition)
  • Define and prioritize innovation areas
  • Formulate innovation goals and KPIs

For corporate ventures

  • Go-to-market (launch and scaling) strategies
  • Team setup, structure and external hiring
  • Funding strategies
  • Operational processes and setup
  • Setup of sales, marketing, finance etc.

Innovation and organizational setup

We help build the right organizational structure to unlock your company’s innovation potential


  • Clear roles and responsibilities for innovation
  • Effective relationship of new vehicles to the mother company
  • Structured innovation funnel and process
  • Defined criteria and processes for decision-making
  • Highly active top management involvement


  • Strong innovation community across the organization
  • Sufficient resources until scaling of innovation
  • Knowledable employees with an entrepreneurial mindset


  • Transparency across all stages of the funnel
  • Holistic measurement of success (output, input, throughput)
  • Clear KPIs for core and new innovation activities

Innovation Execution

We build and scale new products, services, and business models to create value for customers and the planet.

Execution vehicles we work on

We support our clients setting up and executing a large variety of innovation execution vehicles.

  • Venture building
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Startup collaboration / Venture clienting
  • Corporate venture capital
  • Open innovation with other players

Execution phases

We support individual projects along the whole journey from first opportunity recognition to scaling.

  • Ideation and customer problem validation
  • Exploration and prototyping
  • Build to validate / MVP / Proof of Concept
  • Build to automate / Launch
  • Build to grow / Scaling

Venture Clienting

We run a variety of venture clienting and startup collaboration programs – ranging from scouting to accelerators, incubators, hackathons, innovation days and co-creation programs.

  • With access to our extensive and global startup network, we make sure you collaborate with the best-in-class startups
  • We scout and match top external players with your business needs
  • We facilitate collaborations and take on project management for implementation


We deliver programs that enable your talent to create positive change through entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Training, upskilling and facilitating culture change through mindset formats
  • Supporting internal teams to build ideas and products
  • Coaching and mentoring internal startups from idea to roll-out

Venture Building & Venture Studio As-a-Service

Validate, create and scale innovative ideas in need for an exploratory, fast and innovative approach of development.

  • We provide a proven methodology to take early ideas in a short time towards a validated business model and launch of a new venture.
  • While ramping up your team for scaling, our experienced venture builder fill all interim roles necessary to make fast progress.
  • Our developed network of external experts for various topics supports with deep know-how (Tech, legal etc.) when needed.


The Digital Platform for Startup Driven Innovation

Large part of the success of Pioneers, Partners and Customers lies in their ability to discover and connect to a broad range of early stage startups.
In order to achieve this, we’ve built a software solution that enables users to achieve just that.
More than 16.000 unique startups have participated in 130+ startup projects managed by our system in the last 2 years.

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