Roger Ver


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After serving as CEO of for over a decade, Roger discovered Bitcoin in early 2011. He quickly realized that it was the most important invention in the history of the world since the internet itself. MemoryDealers became the first mainstream business to accept bitcoins as payment, and Roger became the first person in the world to start investing in Bitcoin related startups, earning the nickname Bitcoin Jesus in the process. He also created, the world’s first Bitcoin accepting website with hundreds of thousands of items available for bitcoin. It helped pave the road for main stream bitcoin adoption from traditional merchants. He is also well known for his million dollar Bitcoin Bet, in which he publicly claimed that Bitcoin would outperform the Gold, Silver, the US stock market, and the US dollar by more than one hundred times over the next two years. In reality, it took two years and two months, so true to his word, he donated more than one million dollars worth of bitcoin to the Foundation for Economic Education. His current investments include,,,,, and many many more.