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Ralph is widely recognised as one of the founders of the modern global mobile entertainment and content industry. He has been a prominent mobile visionary, trailblazer and innovator for the past decade, helping grow the world-wide mobile/wireless content and entertainment industries, and playing a central role in helping an international array of companies, start-ups, technologists and creative innovators to grow their mobile applicability and stickiness in the established and fast-developing international markets. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mobilium Global, the mobile strategy company and think-tank based in London, providing high-level creative, innovation and development advice and counsel to media companies, multi-national telco operators, handset & tablet makers, technology infrastructure companies, brands, ad agency groups, platform providers and entertainment artists and mobile executives around the world. In 1998 Ralph predicted that, “Mobile phones would become the indispensable voice/social networking and music companion for consumers and their increasing mobile lifestyles.” He worked on convincing United States music publishers to grant the very first ring tone rights. This resulted in the dubbing of Ralph as “The Father of the Ring Tone”. Drawing from his vast international and BRICs* developing-market experience, Simon is always at the forefront of the latest mobile innovation with a unique understanding of what drives world-wide “cellification”, as lifestyles become increasingly mobile around the world. He says its all about what he calls “colloquial & contextual significance (CCR)” – a key thing in today’s mobile social media. He is a consistent discoveror of international mobile innovation, and particularly Central and Eastern Europe innovation and mobile creativity. Most recently, he has been working closely with Professor Dr Peter Bruck, the Chairman of the Board of the World Summit Award in e-Content and Creativity (www.wsis.award.org) in Salzburg, and serving on the global jury for the World Summit Awards – the UN’s global search for the world’s best mobile apps. He was Founder & Chairman Emeritus of the influential international Mobile Entertainment Forum – Americas (MEF Mobile ), the respected global trade group, and is at the forefront of what’s helping shape global industry standards, telco content data, access, and quality user experience (QUE). He acts as a special advisor to the GSM Association, the global body who annually organise the Mobile World Congress each year in Barcelona. Simon was named as one of world’s Top 50 Executives in Mobile Entertainment, by Mobile Entertainment Magazine in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010. He received their Special Award for Outstanding Contribution To the Global Mobile Entertainment industry in 2007. He is known as the father of the ring tone and the “Global Mobile Warrior”. Mobilium Global are strategic mobile advisors & tacticians to some leading artists and global social media personalities such as Madonna, Irish rock group U2, Lady Gaga and the leading global Bollywood aggregator and online provider, Hungama. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in the UK, a member of the Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences in the USA, special advisor to the Mobile Life Sciences Alliance (driving mobile health & wellness), and a founding member of the African Leadership Network, Africa’s most prominent digital leadership community. He is based in London.