Cyril Ebersweiler


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Cyril is a venture partner at SOSventures and the founder of the first mentorship-driven seed funding program in China, Chinaccelerator. He founded HAXLR8R, an accelerator for hardware-related startups based in Shenzhen. He is mentoring at Techstars, 500startups and OnLab, at the board of several startups and advise some others in Boston, San Francisco, Beijing and Shanghai. Places were Cyril gave lectures, went on panel or organized startup competitions include AdTech, MIT GSW, MIT CHIEF, GMIC, CESIF, Shanghai Jiatong University, DMU, DUT, NEUSOFT, Samurai Incubate, RailsRumble, Nodeknockout, IBM Smartcamp, NUS, etc… He is also the organizer of the 10×10 Conferences held in Beijing and Shanghai. Cyril is also one of the folks behind Startup Workaway: Coworking with Coconuts!