Chris Barton


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Chris is the co-founder of Shazam which started as an idea he conceived in late 1999. With three other co-founders, Chris led the creation of Shazam from concept through inventing a new pattern recognition technology to building and launching the world’s first mobile music recognition service. He founded the company in the UK and then expanded to numerous international markets including the US, Germany, Japan, and Australia. Shazam built its own cluster search engine for music and a massive database of music “fingerprints”. Today Shazam has more than 350 million users and drives more than $300 million in digital downloads. Chris currently works at Dropbox where is responsible for business development with mobile operators/carriers. He also serves on the board of Shazam Entertainment. Prior to Dropbox, Chris spent nearly eight years at Google focused on mobile with his last two years on the Android business development team. He has also worked at Microsoft (MSN), News Corp, San Francisco Consulting Group, and LEK Consulting. Chris holds an MBA from UC Berkeley, a Master’s degree in Finance from Cambridge University, and a BA from UC Berkeley.