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Experience the Future

“Pioneers is making Europe a hub for the best minds
in tech, science, and entrepreneurship”
– Forbes

Pioneers Festival is Europe’s major conference for tomorrow’s ideas, bringing together the smartest startups with corporates, media and investors eager to support the next big thing.

More than 1,600 startups from 90+ countries applied to meet over 400 investors in the Hofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna. The Festival is limited to 2,500 participants who will learn from the best and get inspired by keynotes that will show what to expect in the years ahead.
A ride into the future, reserve your seat today!

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Hofburg Imperial Palace
Heldenplatz 1, 1010 Vienna
Vienna, Austria

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Festival: May 28—29
Investors Day: May 27
True Economy Forum: May 29

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What have you done at the age of 16?

Merely 19 years old Easton LaChapelle is our youngest speaker to date. Pulling things apart since the age of 14, he is now disrupting an entire industry with a €400 prosthetic arm, which is far from the average €80,000 price tag.

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Whether you are already in the process of forming your company or an idea stuck in your head is the only thing you have right now – these are the 10 reasons why you should join Pioneers Festival  

Attend all Festival Sessions, after parties, meet investors, corporates, journalists, customers, mentors and partners.
Seed & Early Stage Startups only

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Are you the one thinking ahead in your company and wanting to take the first steps for a cooperation with startups? – read the 10 reasons why you should join Pioneers Festival  

Participate in both Festival Days, attend all presentations, access the exhibition and meeting areas. Meet innovative startups and explore future technologies.

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Meet the best 50 startups face to face on your very own day and even more, limited partners, and corporates in various other side events – read the 10 reasons why you should join Pioneers Festival  

Access all Festival Sessions on May 28/29, the special Investors Day on May 27 to meet the Top50 selected startups, meeting areas, and all Startup Reports.

Lands a rover on Mars, famous for his hair

Famous for being the Flight Director, who rocked a Mohawk hairdo during the Curiosity landing on Mars. Bobak Ferdowsi is the man who made members of NASA’s Mission Engineering team, a little cooler than they used to be.

Selected Speakers 2015

Anousheh Ansari

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Gil Penchina

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Dirk Ahlborn

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Ethan Imboden

frog design
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Carina Namih

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Peter Smith

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Fire half your team with ‘N Sync

Meet Steli Efti, the guy who fired half of his team dancing to Bye Bye Bye from ‘N Sync. He will teach you how to “SELL IT, BABY!”


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“… the focus is very much on the future.”

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“Pioneers Festival …
a smarter SXSW.”

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“The future starts at the Pioneers Festival and its unbelievable potential…”

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